The Growth In Adult Orthodontic Treatment

The Growth In Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Mature patients increasingly seeking a straighter and even smile.

In recent years, many dental practices in the UK have seen a growth in the number of patients coming to them for private orthodontic treatment.

Of these, approximately 80% of them are between the ages of 26 to 55. Although most of us probably think of teenagers as being the most likely group to wear dental braces, it seems as though this is no longer the case.

There may be a number of reasons for this increase, and we will look at this shortly. It is probably no coincidence though that having to wear braces no longer means a highly visible metal brace, and the wider range of discrete orthodontic treatments available at Blue Sky Dental means that our local Chelmsford patients can now have an even smile without the embarrassment of a highly visible appliance.

Social media and reality TV

There can be little doubt that some TV programmes such as Love Island, and its related social media content will have had an effect on some in the younger range of adults. The sight of a cast with almost perfect teeth may lead some people to investigate the possibilities of achieving this themselves too. Those that do this and are happy with the results, may also post their new smile of social media, reaching an even wider audience.

The fact that it is not only the females on this particular programme who have great smiles, but the men too, may explain some of the increase in males who ask for this treatment. There was a time, not so long ago, that a man asking to have their teeth straightened for cosmetic purposes would have met some significant derision from their male friends. It seems that this is no longer the case, at least in certain circles, and men are generally more likely to take pride in their appearance as can be seen by the increase in expenditure on male grooming products.

Self confidence

We are probably more aware now, than at any other time, of the importance of our mental health and the things that can affect it. One of these is how we view ourselves. If we consider that we are ugly or unattractive, that can be an attitude that we project to other people too.  This isn’t likely to win us any new friends and it may be that we gradually start to feel more isolated and potentially, depressed.

As studies have shown that people tend to judge us very quickly, with our smile being one of the first things that they notice, it is easy to see how having an even smile, perhaps enhanced by a teeth whitening procedure, can get us off to an excellent start. It isn’t unusual for one of our Chelmsford patients who have their teeth straightened using Invisalign or the Six Month Smile to tell us that it has given them a new lease of life.

New orthodontics

As we mentioned a little earlier, the fact that braces no longer have to be of the visible metal variety certainly makes it much easier for people to decide to have this treatment. Although some fast acting orthodontics, such as the Six Month Smile do use the traditional wire and bracket method, they do so using very refined and tooth coloured materials that make them much more discreet. Other methods, such as Invisalign, replace the braces altogether and use a series of transparent trays that fit over the teeth. You will need to have an assessment to enable us to recommend the best approach for you and we are still currently offering 50% off our orthodontic assessments.

Better oral health

Although most people that request a teeth straightening treatment do so for aesthetic reasons, having even teeth is also very beneficial for your oral health. The fact that teeth are no longer overlapping or pressed tightly together means that it is much easier to clean between your teeth where tooth decay and gum disease often starts. Even with evenly spaced teeth, it is important that you still use dental floss to clean this area. Brushing alone is still not enough if you want to have a really healthy mouth.

Whether your teeth are significantly crooked, or you perhaps have a slight overlap of the front teeth that you feel spoils your smile, Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford can help you. We offer a range of orthodontic treatments designed to correct a range of problems. By arranging to have your teeth assessed, we can help you to have a new smile in the most efficient and comfortable manner possible.

If you would like to take up our 50% off offer of an orthodontic assessment, you can call us on 01245 211070 to arrange yours at a convenient time. We look forward to helping you!

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