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How Does It Feel To Have Botox Treatment?

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Facial aesthetics is becoming increasingly popular, but some patients still have reservations. Is this valid? In addition to both family and cosmetic dentistry, we offer a selection of facial aesthetic treatments here at our Chelmsford dental practice. These are growing

Just How Safe Is Botox?

Should our Chelmsford patients be concerned about this facial aesthetics treatment? From time to time, a story about Botox treatment arises in the national newspapers. In the vast majority of cases, this involves a celebrity who has had the treatment

Dermal Fillers – An Answer To The Effects Of Ageing?

Dermal fillers treatment in Chelmsford – look forward to younger looking skin! Most people have probably heard of Botox by now, and indeed, many of our Chelmsford facial aesthetics patients have enjoyed this procedure with good effect, reducing the wrinkles

Botox Treatment – Smoother Skin For Christmas

Our Chelmsford facial aesthetics team – helping you look your best for the Xmas season! With the first snow being hinted at by weather forecasters, many of us will be reminded that the Christmas season is not far away. Whilst

The Uses of Botox and Dermal Fillers

Our Chelmsford cosmetic dentist explains the difference in these procedures. To help some patients who are interested in our facial aesthetic treatments but who may be unclear about what each different treatment can be used for; our experienced practitioner explains:

Smooth, Fill and Erase

Successfully fighting the signs of ageing The signs of ageing effect us all at some point. The odd line here, maybe a wrinkle there, if only we could prevent these tell tale signs. Well actually we can! As the title

Are There Risks To Having Botox Treatment?

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A closer look at some of the concerns about this popular facial aesthetics procedure. At Blue Sky Dental, we pride ourselves on our ability to help people bring out the best in their appearance. Naturally, as cosmetic dentists, this may

Lip Enhancement – Concerns About Dermal Fillers Answered

This fast and safe procedure is now available at Blue Sky Dental. Although Botox is perhaps the most talked about aesthetic facial treatment, dermal fillers are also a popular method to help towards a younger looking face. Designed to replace

Botox Now Available at Our Chelmsford Practice

Offering facial aesthetic treatments to ease those ageing lines and wrinkles from your face. Whilst many people in Chelmsford, Essex are familiar with us as a dental practice, perhaps it is less well known that we also offer facial aesthetics