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Those Snacks Between Meals Could Be Causing You Problems With Oral Health

Why regular small treats outside of mealtimes could cause more trouble than you think Traditionally, people in the wealthier parts of the world have eaten three main meals; breakfast, dinner and tea, or breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on what

Looking After Your New Dental Implant

Dental implants can last for a very long time, but require appropriate aftercare We have discussed the pros and cons of dental implants, and the treatment process in previous Blue Sky Dental Blogs. Let us presume then that you have

Don’t let Easter Excesses Damage Your Oral Health!

Blue Sky Dental’s top oral care tips for the bank holiday weekend Although it may not have the same religious popularity as it once did, Easter is still a time that a lot of us look forward to. It’s the

Tips For Younger Looking And Healthier Skin

Our experienced Chelmsford facial aesthetics team offers useful advice Most of the blogs that we post on our website are about dental care and oral health in general. However, there is another cosmetic service available at Blue Sky Dental which,

Better Dental Hygiene For The Spring

As the warmer weather approaches, now could be a good time to ring the changes in your approach to oral health It’s been said that humans are largely a creature of habit. Whilst some of us might consider ourselves as

Teeth Straightening With ‘Invisible’ Braces

Modern orthodontics helping Chelmsford patients to have straight teeth more discreetly If there is one thing that tends to put people off having their teeth straightened, it is the thought of having to wear dental braces. When we think of

Gum Disease – Prevention And Treatment

Gingivitis and periodontitis – take them seriously! Most of us probably pride ourselves on the fact that we take good care of our teeth, brushing and hopefully flossing on a daily basis. This is a good thing of course, but

Teeth Whitening Or Dental Veneers?

Which procedure to improve your smile? It depends…. For many people, having nice attractive teeth is just as important as having healthy ones. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose, and by seeing our experienced Chelmsford team for regular checkups, we

Dental Implants – Your ‘Root’ To Stronger Replacement Teeth

Dental implants – a superior tooth replacement option It will probably happen to most of us eventually. We can do all that we can to keep our teeth healthy and indeed we should; but even this is no guarantee that

Four Great Ways To Improve Your Smile In 2022

Making the most of cosmetic dentistry and our experienced Chelmsford team The new year is already here and although it might feel that things haven’t got off to the greatest of starts with the spread of Covid, it is likely