Month: June 2019

Receding Gums

Dental examination

How to help avoid this common dental problem. Gum recession is quite a common problem, especially amongst older Chelmsford patients. It is one of the side effects of growing older, although it can also happen to younger people too if

What Causes Rough Tooth Enamel?

Hygienist Samantha Henly

Chelmsford hygienist, Samantha Henly, discusses this relatively common problem. What happens if you run your tongue along the surface of your teeth? Do you feel a smooth and even surface or one that feels a little rough and ‘grainy’? If

Playing Sports – Dental Implants And The Alternatives

dental implant in bone

Dentist Dr Hiten Pabari, offers advice on tooth replacement options for those who play sports. Despite the rise in popularity of games and apps on our phones, many people still take part in sporting activities on a regular basis. By