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Invisalign – Book Your Consultation Now!

Our Chelmsford dentists can straighten your teeth in a discreet and convenient manner It probably feels as though your life has been on hold for the last year or so, with the various restrictions and lack of opportunities to socialise

Can Dental Braces Really Be Invisible?

New style orthodontics allow patients much more discreet wearing. As part of having an attractive smile, straight and even teeth are essential. Teeth can be made whiter through the use of cosmetic dentistry, but if they are uneven, having them

The Growth In Adult Orthodontic Treatment

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Mature patients increasingly seeking a straighter and even smile. In recent years, many dental practices in the UK have seen a growth in the number of patients coming to them for private orthodontic treatment. Of these, approximately 80% of them

Clear Braces For A Pleasing Teeth Straightening Experience

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Orthodontic treatment with convenient and comfortable aligners. Perhaps the longest dental treatment to complete is straightening of teeth. Naturally, it is important not to put excessive pressure on teeth to correct their position as this could cause irreparable damage, but

Teeth Straightening Without The Discomfort

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Wireless dental braces available at our Chelmsford dental practice. Ask most people to describe dental braces and they will tell you that they are ugly metal things that show up when you smile. Whilst this certainly used to be the