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Resolving Tooth Sensitivity With Dental Veneers

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Painfully sensitive teeth can be a thing of the past using porcelain veneers. Tooth sensitivity can vary in degree of severity. Some patients may notice only a mild version of this, very occasionally, when they drink really hot or cold

Are Fruit Teas Ruining The Teeth Of Our Chelmsford Patients?

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‘Healthy’ foods and drinks are not always as beneficial as they seem. We are constantly being encouraged to eat more healthily, reducing the amount of fats and sugars in our diet. Unfortunately, many of these unhealthy foods and drinks actually

Dental Veneers – The Original ‘Hollywood Smile’

How veneers were initially used, and their benefits for Essex patients today. Cosmetic dentistry in the UK is relatively new to many people, especially compared to the US where it has been common practice for many years. An increasing number