Dermal Fillers – An Answer To The Effects Of Ageing?

Dermal fillers treatment in Chelmsford – look forward to younger looking skin!

Most people have probably heard of Botox by now, and indeed, many of our Chelmsford facial aesthetics patients have enjoyed this procedure with good effect, reducing the wrinkles on their skin.

In today’s blog, we take a look at a slightly less well known treatment that can also help to give you younger looking skin.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are widely used in cosmetic facial treatments and are an excellent way of restoring skin that has become wrinkled or folded, or to fill out areas such as the cheeks and lips which tend to sink and thin as we become older. This happens because the collagen, which naturally fills these areas out, becomes lost with age and can’t be replaced naturally.

The fillers themselves can be made from a number of materials, depending on the type of treatment to take place. These are safe and well tested and you should not concern yourself with any negative publicity you may have seen of procedures that have gone wrong. The facial aesthetics team at Blue Sky Dental of Chelmsford are fully trained and experienced and will discuss outcomes with you before the procedure takes place. We reserve the right to refuse to treat anyone who is seeking an extreme, or potentially risky form of cosmetic treatment.

We will also discuss your general health and check for any potential reasons why dermal fillers may not be suitable for you.

Cosmetic facial areas

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Orthodontics Without The Fuss In Chelmsford

Our Essex orthodontist explains why clear aligners are easy and convenient to use.

If you thought that dental braces had to be unsightly and made from metal in order to straighten your teeth, you would be wrong.

Whilst this type of dental brace is still in use, and does correct the position of teeth effectively, it is no longer the only method available, and, at Blue Sky Dental, we are pleased to offer our Chelmsford dentistry patients the latest in orthodontic technology.

Our ‘clear aligner’ system allows patients to straighten their teeth without the use of wires and brackets to position them. Instead, a series of transparent trays are made, from impressions, which are then placed directly over the teeth.

Gentle pressure

Each of these trays are designed to move your teeth just a little towards their desired position. They do so by placing gentle pressure on the teeth, gradually moving them. This is essential as putting too much pressure on them could cause long term damage. This low pressure, plus the fact that the trays are made for each individual patient from accurate impressions, means that most people find this method to be much more comfortable than traditional braces.


Unlike traditional braces, where food and bacteria can become trapped in the wires and brackets that are used, clear teeth aligners are easy to clean. In fact, they are designed to be removed whilst you are eating and for cleaning your teeth. Providing that you clean your trays as well as brushing and flossing, there should be no increased risk of either gum disease or tooth decay.

Aesthetic appeal

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Caring For A New Dental Crown

Dental Specialist in Chelmsford, Essex

Useful aftercare tips from our Chelmsford dentists.

A dental crown, or ‘cap’ as it may be referred to by some, is an effective way to restore a tooth that has broken or is decayed where a filling would not give it sufficient strength. They are also used as the final part of both a root canal and dental implant procedure.

In general, crowns remain strong and intact, but if not looked after correctly, can cause problems for the patient, especially in the period just after treatment.

With this in mind, we offer some words of advice for Chelmsford patients of Blue Sky Dental, on how to ensure a strong and secure dental crown for many years.

Temporary dental crowns

When dental crowns are to be fitted, impressions are taken of the teeth to ensure accuracy, comfort and a natural appearance when treatment is complete. The impressions are then sent to a dental laboratory for the crown to be manufactured. This can mean a delay of a week or more before the crowns are returned for fitting. As this would leave the prepared teeth in a compromised state, temporary dental crowns are fitted, and, as these are not manufactured to the precise tolerance of the final version, it is often with these that some issues arise.

Special care should be taken to avoid exerting excessive force on temporary crowns and you should try to avoid using them to bite down on hard foods. This should wait until your permanent crowns are fitted and settled.

Permanent crowns

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The Pros And Cons Of Dental Implants

An unbiased look at this popular tooth replacement method.

Having tooth implants placed at Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford is an excellent long term solution to replace teeth.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the type of procedure and the cost, it can be a difficult decision for some of our patients, whether to go ahead with this procedure or look for an alternative solution.

In today’s blog, we take an unbiased look at  some of the benefits and the possible drawbacks of a dental implant procedure to help you reach an informed decision:


In our honest opinion, dental implants provide the patient with the best method currently available for replacing a missing tooth. We believe that dental implants offer:

  • Strength and security – Due to the firmly embedded replacement tooth root, patients can eat any foods that they wish without concern for the stability of their new tooth
  • Ease of use – Implants do need to be kept clean, but patients only need to treat them the same as a natural tooth with brushing, flossing and regular dental checks
  • Natural appearance – The crown used for the final part of an implant placement will be produced to match the natural colour and shape of your natural teeth
  • Longevity – Once the procedure is complete, and given good care, dental implants should last for twenty years or more, meaning that patient can almost forget that they have them

These points hopefully show that implants certainly offer an excellent tooth replacement method, so why do some people choose other options instead?


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Treating Persistently Sore Gums in Chelmsford

gum disease checks

Early possible warnings of gum problems should not be ignored.

At Blue Sky Dental, we firmly believe in preventative dental care.

In general, this means ensuring that patients have an appointment with one of our Chelmsford dental team every six months or so. Barring accidents, this should help to ensure that any treatment that might be needed is relatively minor.

Even with regular appointments though, issues can arise which really shouldn’t be left until the next appointment, especially if it is still a few months away. Some of these issues may feel almost insignificant, but, in fact, may be signs that early intervention is needed.

Sore gums

Whilst people will usually call us for an emergency dental appointment if they have toothache, it is unusual for them to do so if their gums are causing discomfort. Whilst some temporary soreness is possible with no long term effects, such as if the gums are scratched, persistent soreness should be taken seriously and a dental appointment made.

There is certainly a possibility that gum disease is present if the gums are persistently sore, especially if this is accompanied by bleeding when you brush your teeth. This early stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis and is relatively easily treated if detected early on. Unfortunately, some people will choose to ignore these symptoms, allowing the problem to become more serious and develop into periodontitis with the risk of bone degradation and tooth loss that goes with it.


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Dental Filling Materials

A look at the role of various types of dental filling material.

Having a tooth filled is one of the most common dental procedures that people experience. In most cases, these will be used when there is a small to medium amount of decay, or where a small part of the tooth has broken off.

At Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford, there are a number of materials that can be used for this and other purposes. Below we take a look at some commonly used dental filling materials to help broaden your own dental knowledge.


Amalgam is a widely used material for filling teeth. There are very good reasons for this as it offers a level of strength and durability that makes it an excellent choice. There are some potential drawbacks to amalgam though; the most obvious of these being the fact that it is a dark material and is highly visible when revealed. In addition to this, amalgam contains mercury, and, although its use has been deemed to be safe by the General Dental Council, the European parliament has pledged to phase out its use over a number of years.

White fillings

For patients who express concerns about the mercury in amalgam, or simply those who wish to have a filling that matches the colour of their natural teeth, white coloured fillings are ideal. These are now almost as strong as amalgam, though, for larger cavities in a rear tooth, inlays or onlays may provide a higher level of strength whilst still maintaining the appearance of the tooth. This type of filling is usually made from powdered glass and ceramic in a resin base and may require less of the tooth to be shaped when compared to amalgam, due to its excellent bonding qualities.

Glass Ionomer

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Smoking, Drinking and Your Dental Implants

dental implant in bone

Ongoing oral health advice for our Chelmsford dental implant patients.

When you take the decision to have a dental implant placed, your dentist will advise you to stop smoking and also reduce your alcohol consumption for a period of time either side of the procedure. This is in order for your gums, and mouth in general, to be as healthy as possible and therefore increase the already high chances of a successful implant procedure with a minimal risk of infection.

Naturally, this is not always easy for those who smoke or drink on a regular basis, and, even in those who manage to stop for this period of time, it is not unusual for them to slip back into the habit; but doing so may still put your implant at risk.

Gum disease

Both gingivitis and periodontitis are more common in smokers than nonsmokers and both can have a negative impact on your implants. It is especially important if you smoke, whether an implant patient or not, to visit the hygienist regularly to make sure that your gums are kept as free from ‘bad’ bacteria as possible. If gum disease is allowed to develop, it may lead to periodontitis which, as we have mentioned in previous blogs,  not only affects the gums, but also the underlying bone structure. If this becomes compromised and starts to degrade, there is every likelihood that the implant will become loose and unstable. Once a dental implant becomes loose, it may prove impossible to reverse this and you may even lose the implant altogether.


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Spring Special Offers At Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford

Great value for money on general and cosmetic dentistry!

Do you regularly check our dental special offers page of our website to see how you can save money?

If not, this is something that we’d encourage you to do more frequently. Why not save some money whilst improving your oral health or having a more attractive smile?

In today’s blog, we take a look at four of our current offers and the benefits they can bring.

Teeth whitening

We are currently offering our home teeth whitening kits for just £300. This is an excellent and perfectly safe and comfortable way to improve the appearance of your teeth. If yours are yellow or just generally discoloured, now is the chance to do something about it. In addition, if you bring a friend or family member with you, you can both have your teeth whitened for a total sum of £500; a saving of £50 each.

Hygienist appointments

Visiting the hygienist at our Chelmsford dental practice is a great way to have healthy teeth and gums and avoid the perils of gum disease. Not only that but the professional polishing of your teeth can help to brighten them a little by removing surface staining. We are currently offering four appointments with the hygienist for the price of three if you book them together. You may wish to simply keep the regular time between them, or have an extra appointment over the same period of time in order to keep your teeth a little brighter and your mouth fresher. The choice is yours.

Orthodontic assessment

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How Our Chelmsford Dentists Make Use Of Modern Technology

Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford

A look at some of the important equipment here at Blue Sky Dental.

Those of our patients old enough to remember the very ‘functional’ nature of many dental practices in the past will, no doubt, be appreciative of the advances made in dental technology over the years. Not only has equipment become more sophisticated, but our awareness of the patient experience has made visits more comfortable too.

At Blue Sky Dental, we have made sure that our Chelmsford surgery is presented in a relaxing and friendly manner and with plenty of distractions available in our reception areas while you wait. It is in the area of technology though, where things have really improved and is an area that we continually monitor to advance the service we can offer our patients.

Below, we take a look at three areas where technology has helped make procedures more effective.

X Rays

X rays are especially important as only part of the tooth is visible above the gum line. Whilst many problems do originate here, there are others such as where periodontitis attacks the bone below the gum-line, that we are simply unable to see without the use of x-rays. X rays are also important in detecting abscesses when a root canal procedure is needed. This prevents a potentially extremely painful situation for any patient undergoing the procedure.

Modern x rays offer an excellent method of detecting these problems and expose the patient to much lower doses of radiation than older equipment, making them safer too.


Scans are a more sophisticated method of viewing areas under the gum line and they are especially important for the placing of dental implants. Precision placement is key here, not only to ensure that the implant is strong and looks natural but that there is sufficient bone into which the implant can be placed in the first instance. As there are nerves in the area of the jawbone, scans also help to ensure that these are not affected when the implant is placed.

The dental drill

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Making The Most Of Your Dental Veneers

white teeth and dental mirror

Your new smile can last longer, with just a little care and attention.

Dental veneers, as some of you will be familiar with, are an excellent way of restoring heavily stained or lightly damaged teeth to natural looking white ones. Attached to the front prepared surface of the teeth, they should last for ten years or so, giving you an attractive and confident smile.

As they are made from porcelain, the dental veneers supplied by our Chelmsford dentists at Blue Sky should give you a trouble free life, looking and feeling entirely natural.

Veneer aftercare

Despite being made from an artificial material, this does not mean that things will not go wrong if you neglect your new veneers. To ensure that they last a long time and remain looking great, here are a few simple pieces of advice to help you to maintain them as follows:

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