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What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a dental discipline that deals with diagnosing, preventing and correcting dental irregularities which may result from the following:

  • Crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Over and under bite
  • Jaw misalignment
  • Jaw joint conditions
  • Missing or additional teeth
  • Poor bite or mal-occlusion


Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is normally carried out using braces – either the traditional ‘wired’ version or more modern clear or invisible aligners. Braces gently push the teeth back to the desired position over a period of time. The fastest results are achieved in children where the teeth are still developing but many adults also now opt for orthodontic treatment. Although the process takes longer in adults, the inconvenience is off-set by use of more comfortable, modern clear braces (aligners).

Each orthodontic case is unique and the orthodontist will select the most appropriate form of treatment for the patient. Modern invisible braces are generated from a process which uses advanced 3D modelling to profile the patient’s teeth and gums. A range of braces is then manufactured that are changed out progressively and gradually guide the teeth back into position.

Braces can be fixed or removable – as the name suggests, fixed braces are maintained in place until the treatment is finished whereas removable braces can be removed for eating and cleaning.

Phases of Orthodontic Treatment

There are typically two phases in orthodontic treatment:

Active phase – this is where braces are used to gently push the teeth into the desired position.
Retention phase – this involves the use of a ‘retainer’ often worn at night to hold the teeth in position to ensure long term results.

Blue Sky Dental provides orthodontic services across Essex and the South of England. If you are searching for a highly experienced orthodontist in Chelmsford or further afield please contact our helpful team directly on 01245 211070 or use the website contact form. We will be pleased to assist you.

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