Dental Crowns

Strong repairs for damaged teeth in Chelmsford, Essex

When teeth become cracked, damaged or broken down, dental crowns (also known as dental caps) are one option for restoring them. Placed on top of an existing tooth, a crown is an artificial top which covers the entire outer surface of the tooth and replaces damaged material.

Why Choose Dental Crowns?

There are many reasons to consider a crown as a solution; functionality, for example. A large section of your tooth may have fractured, and be beyond the help of traditional bonding techniques. The tooth may be too badly decayed to support a filling or an inlay. Furthermore, over time your teeth may have physically worn down to the point where they need to be restored to their original size.

Another possible reason is that you have just had a root canal operation or a titanium implant fitted, and may need a crown placed to strengthen the results.

You may, of course, just want a crown to improve the aesthetics of your smile. While this is possible, you should bear in mind that a significant amount of the original tooth may have to be removed and therefore consideration should be given to whether a less intrusive treatment such as veneers could get the results for which you are looking.

How can Blue Sky Dental Help with Dental Crowns?

A consultation with a highly skilled Blue Sky Dental specialist will look into your case and conclude the best possible solution for your teeth. We can make sure that you get not just an excellent level of care, but absolutely the right treatment for your own individual needs.

Case Studies

The below are case studies of treatments carried out in our clinic in Chelmsford, Essex. These show actual treatments of some of our patients, showing before and after photos taken during the procedure. You can view each slide by clicking on the left or right arrows, you can also enlarge the slide image by clicking on it to view a more detailed image.

Dental Crowns (7 images)

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Upper crowns and lower composites (4 images)

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Dental Crown work by Dr Amit Duggal ( 2 images)

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Dental Crowns

My new crown was prepared very quickly and matches my existing teeth very well indeed. Unless you knew, you'd think it was one of my normal teeth.

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