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Blue Sky Dental offers patients high-quality dental repairs for effective smile restoration. Teeth can require restoration for a wide range of reasons and it is important to select the right treatment to complete the smile once again. Dental crowns are a great solution for various problems that require a restorative approach.

What Is A Dental Crown And Why Are They Used?

A dental crown is a tooth restoration that looks exactly like a natural tooth. It sits on top of an existing natural tooth, protecting the root and maintaining the aesthetic and function of the tooth above the gum line.

Most commonly, the material used to make a dental crown is porcelain or ceramic, although we sometimes get requests for gold crowns. The most modern types of crowns do not have metal bonding like they used to, so there's no need to worry about an unsightly black line between the crown and the gum.

Dental crowns are used for a wide variety of reasons. Often, they are applied when alternatives are not suitable. Perhaps a tooth has extensive decay and damage and so a filling will not reconstruct it effectively. Perhaps a root canal treatment has been completed and the visible part of the tooth requires strengthening in order to save it. Dental crowns can also complete implant treatment, effectively replacing the aesthetic appearance and function of the tooth above the gum line.

My new crown was prepared very quickly and matches my existing teeth very well indeed. Unless you knew, you'd think it was one of my normal teeth.

Why Choose Dental Crowns?

There are lots of reasons and circumstances where dental crown treatment is appropriate. Crowns strengthen the tooth, and they can also make the tooth look better; improve its shape, position and they can improve your bite, preventing functional issues with your smile.

If our team is able to save more of the original tooth with inlays, onlays or fillings, then they will try to do that first. If that is not an appropriate option then a dental crown may be the right choice. We recommend crowns for our patients when it is the right choice for the health and aesthetics of your smile. In the case of work completed on teeth at the front of the mouth, we may offer a less invasive treatment such as a veneer which can be just as effective as a crown in certain circumstances.

The Treatment Process

There are lots of types of tooth crowns available to you. Common materials used are stainless steel, resin, porcelain and gold. Ceramic is the most commonly used material, particularly with cosmetic crowns. There are pros and cons for each material and your dentist will discuss these with you before you make a decision about which you feel is right.

The crown treatment itself involves two separate visits. On the first appointment the tooth will be shaped and prepared for the crown. In the case of a tooth that is extensively damaged, filling material may be used to build the tooth up enough to support a crown. Once the natural tooth is properly prepared, an impression of it will be taken and sent to the laboratory so that your high-quality crown can be made. A temporary crown may be fitted in the meantime.

On your second visit your dentist will remove the temporary crown and then position and place the new tooth using strong dental adhesive. Final adjustments and checks will then be made to ensure everything looks good, and to check your bite functions correctly. Your crown treatment is then complete, leaving you with high-quality dental restoration and a complete smile once again!

Case Studies

Below are case studies of treatments carried out in our clinic in Chelmsford, Essex. These show actual treatments of some of our patients, showing before and after photos taken during the procedure.

Case - Dental Crowns

Before Treatment
After Treatment
Crowns Before Fitting
After Treatment

Upper crowns and lower composites

Before Treatment
After Treatment
After Treatment
After Treatment

Dental Crown work by Dr Amit Duggal

Before Treatment
After Treatment

Dental Crowns To Complete Root Canal Treatment

Dental crowns are often used to complete root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is where the inside of a tooth becomes infected and the dentist works to remove the infected pulp inside, before disinfecting and refilling the tooth. Crowns are used to complete root canal treatment to stop the tooth fracturing from weakness. If there is a very small amount of your tooth left following root canal treatment, we can also place a small post to attach the crown to, for additional security.

How Can Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford Help With Dental Crowns?

A consultation with a highly skilled Blue Sky Dental specialist will help to identify if crowns are the best treatment for your needs. Our first priority is always the health of your smile, and so we will always determine the best options to ensure you have the strongest and most comfortable smile.

Additionally, we want to ensure your smile looks beautiful too. We will strive to ensure your restoration results in the healthiest teeth and gums, aesthetically maintaining your beautiful smile whilst ensuring the integrity of your oral health remains central to your treatment.

If crowns are the best option for you, we will then discuss your options, explain the process, answer any questions you may have and then arrange for your treatment to begin at a later, convenient time.

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