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The Pros and Cons of Dental Veneers

Cosmetic Dental Veneers are a perfect option if you are looking for a fast way to enhance the way your smile looks. Cosmetic veneers are created to cover the surface of one’s existing teeth. There are many pros and cons associated with getting cosmetic veneers and understanding all the different options available to yourself will help you decide if veneers are the best choice for you and your needs.

Dental veneers are custom made from resin materials or from porcelain. A thin layer of the enamel on your teeth will be removed in order to have the veneers customized and bonded to your teeth's needs and requirements.

The Pros of Dental Veneers

  • Cosmetic dental veneers can help you get rid of discoloured teeth which can be caused by numerous factors, the most common is the use of certain medications or by dental treatments that cause the tooth / teeth to become discoloured. Also your diet and smoking / drinking can also play a big part. We found with our patients that by having a whiter smile they had greater confidence when socializing with friends and family, talking, eating, chewing and especially when in close contact with another individual or group.
  • Veneers can also help with the improvement and the appearance of eroded teeth, also teeth that are uneven or misaligned, and it also cover up broken teeth. Even if you find that you have small gaps between your teeth you can have these repaired with the application of a porcelain veneer.
  • Veneers feel very natural and also look very natural and most people find that veneers do not irritating the gums. Cosmetic veneers are highly resistant to common staining from the likes of food and drink, they can make darker teeth appear to have a super white appearance, The good thing our patients find with veneers is that minimal preparation of the teeth is needed.

The Cons of Dental Veneers

  • Once you have decided to go ahead with the veneers you should be aware that this is not a life time solution and that around once every ten to fifteen years you may have to change them. If you are going to invest in dental veneers we advise you opt for porcelain over resin, we know this is slightly more expensive but we have found that a porcelain veneer is far more stain resistant and more durable. If you find that the veneer breaks, cracks or chips it will most likely have to be replaced.
  • You must also be aware that after having porcelain veneers you cannot use whitening products to change the colour so we advise if you wish to have a whiter smile to try our home whitening kit for two weeks prior to taking a shading for the veneer so that all teeth are at the same colour so you would have your perfect smile for the end results.

We also advise all our patients that if you suffer from any habits which may affect the treatment to try and stop we know this is hard but they will affect the outcome and the best result for long term prognosis a lot of common habits we found were nail chewing/biting and even opening things with your teeth; bottle opening for one.

With Dental veneers you must also be aware that this will not stop any other general dental problems, such as tooth decay, so we advise you to keep up your regular visits with your general dentist and regular visits with the hygienist.

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