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Gum Disease Treatment And Oral Health Support In Chelmsford, Essex

Blue Sky Dental offer patients a wide range of hygienist services to help prevent common dental issues, and to support the reverse or maintenance of active gum disease.

Our hygienists offer oral regime advice and support, some fluoride treatments, some cosmetic treatments, gum disease prevention treatment and advice, and professional teeth cleaning.

Our hygienist team is highly trained and passionate about helping you to look after your teeth and gums between check-ups at our clinic.

Blue Sky Dental Hygienist Services

All hygienists are highly trained in preventing gum disease. However, the skills a hygienist has are much broader than gum disease prevention alone and lots of treatments, advice and support can be offered with our hygienist services including:

  • Stain removal
  • Air-polishing (completely painless and needle free)
  • Supportive advanced periodontal disease treatment under instruction of the periodontist
  • Long-term gingivitis (early stage gum disease) reversal/management
  • Gum disease prevention treatment and advice
  • Professional dental cleaning
  • Teeth whitening instructions (for home-whitening)
  • Some dental diagnostics on request of the dentist
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Fissure sealants
  • Smoking cessation advice
  • Diet advice in relation to oral health
  • Special pregnancy dental care advice

In most instances’ hygienist services come following a referral from the dentist. However some services are available independently of referral from the dentist, such as a professional scale and polish.

Gum Disease Prevention

Blue Sky Dental hygienists are incredibly well educated when it comes to gum disease and most importantly, gum disease prevention.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease occurs when the plaque and tartar build-up around a tooth is not properly removed, resulting in the natural bacteria in the mouth increasing and producing toxic by-products which then irritate the gums. The initial stage is gingivitis which can make the gums sore and inflamed and then sometimes cause bleeding when brushing. If left to develop, the disease may progress and cause bone loss and the eventual damage and loss of the teeth and dental implants. Active gum disease is also known to contribute to the risk of health conditions such as heart disease.

How Hygienists Prevent And Manage Gum Disease

Our Chelmsford hygienists are passionate about helping patients prevent gum disease. They provide advice on lifestyle habits, brushing techniques, products you use and other factors to help you reduce your risk of gum disease.

Our hygienists also perform regular professional cleaning of the gums and teeth to remove the plaque and tartar that contributes to gum disease. If gum disease cannot be prevented, or has progressed and requires management, your hygienist will provide gum disease management support under instruction of the dentist.

With periodontal disease, the dentist will make an extensive plan to get the condition under control. That process can involve surgery and treatment from the dentist and then regular cleaning and treatment from the hygienist, running alongside your periodontist appointments, as part of an individual plan designed for you.

General Oral Health Maintenance

Regardless of the type of smile you have, it is so important that the teeth and gums are cleaned well to prevent decay. There are so many products on the market available to help you keep your teeth clean, but are you using them as you should be? Could you be more thorough in the way you clean? Is a medical issue making it hard for you to keep your smile clean and healthy? Our dental hygienists can help advise you which brushes, toothpaste and other oral health devices and products to use for optimum oral health. Our hygienists will create individual plans for each patient to help ensure their teeth and gums are kept healthy between check-ups.

Diet & Smoking

If you smoke then you already know the habit has huge implications for your overall health. For your teeth, smoking is only ever bad news as it causes staining, dryness, bad breath, an increased gum disease risk, an increased plaque risk and an increased risk of oral cancer. Quitting smoking can only improve your oral health and overall health and our hygienist can help you with advice on quitting the habit.

When it comes to your diet, if you mainly consume sugary foods or starchy foods your teeth will be affected. It doesn't matter how well you clean, a good oral hygiene regime will not erase the effects of a bad diet. Your hygienist can offer advice on changing your diet for better oral health. Alternatively she can advise ways to manage your oral health as well as possible with your current dietary habits.

Children’s Hygienist Services

Our dental hygienists are trained to work with children as well as adults, teaching and encouraging your child to brush their teeth and understand why that is important. During hygienist appointments your child will also have a scale and polish which will help to prevent decay and plaque build-ups long-term. With our gentle encouragement and special teaching techniques our Chelmsford clinic aims to help children develop excellent oral hygiene habits for life.

Hygienist Services For Special Occasions

Many hygienist services are provided following referral from the dentist. However with some treatments we do not need a referral and you can simply book your appointment independently. For example: you may wish to come in for a scale and polish ahead of an important occasion like a wedding or job interview.

If you are looking for effective, friendly oral hygiene services in Chelmsford, Essex, please call our team on xxxxxxxx to book your appointment today.

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