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Tackling Loose, Uncomfortable Dentures In Chelmsford, Essex

Keeping your natural teeth is entirely possible with high-quality daily oral care and preventative treatment. However, through dental disease, injury or other circumstances, many people have missing teeth and a range of options are available for replacing them such as bridges and of course, dentures.

The problem is that no matter how well those dentures are designed and fitted; they still need replacing periodically and can cause patient discomfort, alongside the daily struggle of keeping them secure and clean. The biggest issue with dentures can be having the confidence to eat or choose anything off the menu when dining with friends or loved ones.

Are you struggling with dentures?

If you struggle with dentures, you'll know all too well the frustration of a restricted diet or the dentures slipping in front of others, even when using denture glue. This can cause embarrassment and problems with self-confidence.

If these problems affect you, now could be a really great time for you to find out about denture-stabilisation with dental implants.

Just some of the key benefits of implant-supported dentures include:

  • Looking extremely natural
  • Feeling natural
  • Enables you to chew easily, without restriction
  • Your speech abilities are restored
  • Your self-confidence is boosted
  • Your smile aesthetics will be restored
  • Much less gum irritation
  • Less need for regular denture replacement
  • You will avoid that 'full-mouth' feeling because there is no denture plate

The Importance Of Replacing Missing Teeth

It may seem tempting not to replace missing teeth but the consequences can be really difficult to live with. Leaving missing teeth without any restoration at all can leave you prone to a wide range of issues. Replacing missing teeth with solutions like implant-supported dentures is really important, as it helps to protect your remaining natural teeth and your jawbone to a certain degree.

What is Denture Stabilisation?

Denture stabilisation is where we use dental implants to support a denture (in this instance it is called an overdenture). The high-quality denture sits above the gum line and the implant is connected to the jawbone, providing a secure base for the overdentures that complete your smile. The denture is completely removable and requires cleaning just like a normal denture.

We also offer alternatives that are fixed to the implant abutment such as individual crowns or fixed bridges.

In order to have any dental implant treatment, you will need to have enough bone in the jaw to support the titanium implants, although we can provide bone augmentation to rebuild the bone if the density of your own is initially unsuitable.

Denture Stabilisation Video Testimonial

Denture Stabilisation Options

We can offer both bar; ball-retained and locator implant-retained dentures which support an acrylic based denture above the gum line. Bar-retained dentures use a slim-line metal bar that is curved which is then connected to around 6 implants. We attach abutments to the bar which then hold your dentures firmly in place. With ball-retained or locator retained dentures the individual implant has an attachment on the top that connects the denture to it, a bit like a ball and socket connection. There is a washer inside the connection which will need renewal periodically.

The Denture Stabilisation Treatment Process

Any implant treatment at Blue Sky Dental starts with a thorough consultation and assessment where we will assess your suitability for treatment. We will answer all your questions about treatment, discuss a detailed treatment plan with you, including prices and then look to plan your first appointment.

We may require a second appointment to scan the jawbone to check its health, and to decide where we will place the implants. Sometimes that scan can be completed during the consultation. In some instances, a scan may reveal that a bone graft may be needed, which may require an extra appointment depending on your needs.

If a bone graft is not needed then we will arrange an appointment for the implant placement.

To ensure treatment is as pain free as possible, you will be given a local anaesthetic prior to having the implants placed into the jawbone. Once the treatment is complete, we will then provide you with extensive aftercare instructions. The implant healing might take several weeks or months depending on the individual. Once the healing is complete we can expose the top of the implants to add abutments and finally your dentures.

Implant Stabilisation Aftercare

When you have implant stabilisation at Blue Sky Dental, we will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions which have a huge bearing on the success of the treatment. Once the implant treatment is complete and your new dentures are affixed, then you will be given maintenance care instructions. This involves removing the dentures at night to be cleaned, and cleaning the abutments carefully as part of your daily oral health regime. Your dentures may need replacing periodically but we will provide you with all the relevant support and information throughout and after your denture stabilisation treatment with us.

If you are fed up with loose dentures and would like a comfortable, beautiful and well-maintained dental restoration designed to last, fit well and bring back your confidence, please call our team for more information on 01245 211070.

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