BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers

Facial aesthetics in Chelmsford, Essex

As an additional service to further improve the aesthetics of your smile, we can offer both BOTOX® and fillers either individually or in combination. botox and dermal filler image BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers can further enhance your smile.

BOTOX® is probably the best known and most popular cosmetic treatment for lines and wrinkles that have been caused by everyday frowning, laughing and smiling. It works by blocking the nerve impulses to the small facial muscles that create our expressions. The treatment is safe and there is little discomfort from the series of carefully targeted injections. Results are visible in a few days and the will last for several months.

Wrinkle Reduction

To further eliminate facial lines and wrinkles dermal fillers can be used to fill these in or out.

When the body is young, the skin has a natural abundance of its own collagen, fat and elastin which gives skin its youthful look. Over the years, the natural aging process, potential sun damage and everyday stresses causes the skin to lose these elements.

Today we are able to utilise a range of advanced treatments like hyaluronic acid fillers. As well as being non-animal based, many of the dermal fillers which can be used to repair wrinkles simply stimulate the body’s own supply of collagen.

These can be used to fix wrinkles and folds, as well as fill out cheeks and lips. BOTOX® and dermal fillers have succeeded older products such as silicon and animal collagen, being safer and more natural than their predecessors.

Dermal fillers are injected in very small increments with a very small needle. The results can last up to a year for each full treatment.

If you are searching for affordable BOTOX and wrinkle reduction treatment from a reputable and safe practitioner in Chelmsford, Essex please contact the facial aesthetics team at Blue Sky Dental.

I realised that the safest place to have wrinkle reduction was at my local dentist. The Blue Sky staff have been excellent.

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