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I had never been confident with my smile. After some cosmetic dentistry by Dr Pabari I am so happy with my new smile.
Dear Dr Pabari,
Thank you very much for all your hard work. I hadn’t had teeth for 2 years and now with these implants I can eat steak, there is nothing I can not eat. In fact I have put on weight!
Thank you again - I Richardson
Having been under re-constructive work from Dr Hiten Pabari I have been extremely happy at his professionalism and good workmanship and I would recommend him to any of my friends and work mates.
My fear of the dentist was a nightmare. Since I started the treatment I have been treated with understanding and care, I am very happy with my care and attention I got at this clinic. I am going away a happy man. I thank the doctor for my Excellent attention and care. -
Mr Sayers
I have recently been a patient of Dr Pabari’s. I needed replacement veneers for 2 front teeth and was very anxious about the process of removal of the old veneers and the replacement. The process was very successful and I am very pleased with the result which is an improved smile! -
Mrs A Thompson
I apparently has a particularly tough jaw bone to drill through, but after my implant I did not need a single aspirin. The worst aspect was the nasty taste of the precautionary antibiotics actually. I had been putting this implant off for many years but am glad that I bit the bullet and will soon be able to smile with confidence again (once the crown is fitted).
P.S. After my implant I was fit and well and pain free enough to go shopping at TK Maxx in Chelmer Village and to go to Pizza Hut! And travel back to London E17 quite cheerfully.
I dislike going to the dentist! It may help some people like me if a more detailed explanation of the procedure is given during consultation and a written pamphlet to take home. I am glad that I have had an implant and would seriously consider having more. To no longer have a plate is wonderful. The plate is never comfortable and food gets caught under it. I always had a fear that it would break or I would loose it, especially as it is a front tooth. My teeth are not good and it is a relief to know there is an alternative to false teeth on a plate.
I have had a plate for 20 years and it is no longer needed, brilliant, freedom at last. I would like to thank you and your staff for a brilliant job, it is actually a positive experience to come to your surgery, wow am I actually saying that about going to the dentist!! Thank you all for your care and patience.
Sally Roast
Having my implant fitted, I mentioned that I hated the small gap at the top of my front tooth near my gum. Hiten said he could fill that with cosmetic bonding. It took 10 minutes and now looks amazing. I am really ecstatic with the result and it was well worth the little it cost.

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