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The Blue Sky team answer some frequently asked patient questions

Are you unhappy with your smile?

The Blue Sky Dental team are experts in the full range of modern dental treatments and can transform your smile and improve your confidence. From simple teeth whitening in just one hour through to full smile makeovers, please call our friendly team to see how we can assist.

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Are you suffering from missing teeth?

Dental implants are now recognised as the best way to provide a sustainable, sturdy and life-like solution to missing teeth. Please call use to see how our team of experienced implant dentists can help.

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Is your smile crooked?

There is no longer any reason to suffer the embarrassment of misaligned teeth, even if you are an adult. The latest range of 'invisible' braces can be used to straighten teeth quickly and discreetly.

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Do you have a complex dental problem your own dentist can't handle?

The clinical team at Blue Sky Dental are specialist dentists which means they have all taken additional advanced qualifications in specific areas of dentistry. This means that complex dental problems can be treated which may be beyond the scope of general dentistry.

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Is your smile not as white as you would like?

Let us enhance your smile - from rapid teeth whitening through to dental veneers to repair more extensive damage, the Blue Sky Dental team can help.

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Are lines and wrinkles aging you?

Don't let signs of premature aging get you down. At Blue Sky Dental we are trained in the latest facial aesthetics techniques for combating facial wrinkles.

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