Dental Veneers – The Original ‘Hollywood Smile’

Dental Veneers – The Original ‘Hollywood Smile’

How veneers were initially used, and their benefits for Essex patients today.

Cosmetic dentistry in the UK is relatively new to many people, especially compared to the US where it has been common practice for many years.

An increasing number of patients from the Chelmsford area of Essex though, are using the cosmetic treatments available at Blue Sky Dental in order to give them a smile they could only otherwise dream of.

We have discussed in previous blogs, how the popular cosmetic treatment, dental implants originated, but may not have discussed how dental veneers first started. So let’s address that today.

The ‘Hollywood’ smile

In 1928, Hollywood films were becoming increasingly popular, with more and more people going to the cinema to see the latest films. Stars of the day included the likes of Douglas Fairbanks and Rudolph Valentino, and, increasingly, many films included romantic scenes where a close up was required.

Given that, at this time, many actors and actresses both smoked and drank fairly heavily, long before the days where health concerns were noted, it wasn’t uncommon for their teeth to be badly stained and far from attractive. This could certainly spoil a smile that took up a large part of the cinema screen!

To address this, a dentist called Charles Pincus was asked to design a way of improving the appearance of an actor’s smile. To do this, he created dental veneers which were used to mask the often stained surface of the actor’s teeth.

Modern day veneers

Unsurprisingly, early veneers were likely to have been cumbersome and served no long term purpose, being used specifically to address this issue. As with any invention that offers benefits, these have since been refined and improved, until, as today, we are now able to provide patients of Blue Sky Dental with porcelain veneers that both look and feel entirely natural.

Porcelain veneers now offer hope to patients who have, for various reasons, visible teeth that are either very badly stained or may also have small chips or cracks that spoil their smile. These problems can now be corrected through cosmetic dental treatment, namely veneers.

Long lasting veneers

Although the procedure does involve the removal of a fine layer of the damaged enamel, to be replaced with the porcelain veneers; this is a relatively straightforward procedure and many of our Chelmsford patients have benefitted from it. Whilst a teeth whitening procedure may be suitable for many who have discoloured teeth, it is good to know that veneers are an option when that particular treatment will no longer produce effective results; for example cases of significant staining.

If you would like a modern day ‘Hollywood smile’ or would simply like to discuss how you can improve the way that your teeth look with our experienced team, please call Blue Sky dental on 01245 211070 to arrange your appointment.

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