Are Fruit Teas Ruining The Teeth Of Our Chelmsford Patients?

Are Fruit Teas Ruining The Teeth Of Our Chelmsford Patients?

‘Healthy’ foods and drinks are not always as beneficial as they seem.

We are constantly being encouraged to eat more healthily, reducing the amount of fats and sugars in our diet. Unfortunately, many of these unhealthy foods and drinks actually taste good, and that, combined with sometimes confusing advice, means that perhaps not as many of us change our diet as much as we should.

Whilst there are undoubted benefits to switching to a diet that is higher in fruit, vegetables and other healthy foodstuffs, even these are often not without their drawbacks.

Fruit teas

One recent ‘healthy’ alternative to our normal diet that has hit the news is our growing love of fruit teas. These now come in a wide variety of flavours and can offer a great pick me up with their refreshing tastes. Despite this though, recent studies have shown that drinking fruit teas can be very damaging to our teeth. The reason for this, it seems, is the actual fruit content of the teas. This especially applies where the fruits involved are citric, such as oranges and lemons. These contain high levels of acids that can cause significant enamel erosion if drunk too often.

It is not just the fact that we drink these that seems to be the problem though, but rather HOW we drink them. Instead of sipping and swallowing the fruit teas, many of us are allowing the tea to remain in our mouths for a short while before swallowing it. This allows the acids in the teas to come into contact with our teeth for much longer than if we swallowed it immediately. Over time, the damage to the enamel of our teeth can be quite significant.

Restoring damaged enamel

Once the enamel of our teeth has become compromised, further problems are likely to occur given that the protective part of our teeth has been damaged. Tooth discolouration may be the first of these as the tooth surface becomes rougher, allowing staining substances to become trapped more easily.  More seriously, tooth decay and root canal infections are more likely as bacteria enters the dentin layer of the tooth.

At Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford, one of the most common ways to restore teeth that have had significant enamel erosion is to replace the damaged enamel using the latest porcelain veneers. This is an effective way to restore the appearance and protective aspects of your teeth. Veneers that are placed by our cosmetic dental team both look natural and are long lasting, with a lifespan of around ten years.

Almost everything that we eat or drink will have an effect on our teeth and gums. Certainly, by not allowing the tea to remain in our mouths for some time before swallowing will help to reduce the eroding effects of the acids. Whatever you drink or eat though, you should always keep on top of your tooth and gum health through regular dental checks at our Chelmsford practice.

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