Putting that smile back on your face!

Professional treatments by experienced dentists

Are you finding it difficult to smile with confidence due to the current condition of your teeth? Do you long to beam with pride and not have to think about your teeth when talking to people? Then the dentists at Blue Sky Dental can help you.

Treatment doesn’t have to be complex to make a difference.  Sometimes just the smallest improvement is enough to make you smile again.

The Free Consultation

What we recommend here at Blue Sky Dental is a non obligatory consultation appointment with our Treatment Co-ordinator.  This free of charge appointment gives you the opportunity the find out about the kind of work we do, what treatments may be possible to improve your smile and gives you a chance to get to know a bit about the team and the dentists.  This consultation allows you to gain a little trust in us before taking the plunge and booking an appointment with the dentist.

The Examination

For any type of cosmetic treatment, the foundations must be healthy.  After all, you wouldn’t build a house on unstable foundations, well the same goes for cosmetic dentistry.  We wouldn’t restore your smile unless the existing teeth were healthy. It is for that reason that your first appointment with the dentist takes about 45 minutes.  A thorough examination takes place as well as dental x-rays to evaluate the health of your teeth.  You would also discuss your concerns in detail so that the dentist can then plan your treatment.

Depending on the type of treatment you may be thinking, it is not always necessary to have the examination with the dentist. For Teeth Whitening a Dental Hygienist can carry out the treatment, as long as a dentist has had a quick check of your teeth. This check is included in the fee for treatment.

Seeing your new teeth before any treatment

Its easy to see why some find having cosmetic dental treatment quite scary.  Although the outcome will be fantastic the actual going ahead with treatment can be quite daunting as you have to put a lot of faith and trust in the dentist doing the treatment, to make sure your smile will be as you imagined.  For this reason we can do two things, either:

  • Take impressions of your existing teeth and ask the laboratory that would be making your new smile to make a wax-up. This is a simulation of how your new teeth will look, allowing you to see the final result without actually having your teeth touched at all!
  • Carry out a mock up on your teeth using a pliable white filling material.  Although not as good as a wax-up, it still gives you an idea of how your teeth will look after treatment.  This mock up is not permanent and will be removed on the same appointment.

If you have been considering cosmetic treatment but are unsure where to go, why not pay us a visit?  All the dentists here are specialists in their own field of dentistry and all treatment is carried out under one roof.  You do not have to register here as a general patient, you can just come here for your cosmetic treatment and then return back to your General Dentist for your continuing care.  Why not check out our Facebook page for special offers!


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