Make Your Teeth a Priority This Year

Making Treatment More Easily Accessible and Affordable

The start of a new year can mean so much, its almost like a fresh start. 2015 may have been a stressful year and a lot may of happened but January 1st means that can all be put behind you and you can start again. So why not make this year all about you.

Its time to do those things you always thought about but it was never the right time to do it. Surprisingly for some seeing the dentist is one of them. We have heard it so many times and to be honest we all do it, we intend to do something and before we know it years have gone by and we still haven’t done it.

The first step is easy, its just making the time to do it.  Pick up the phone and make that first important step to having a healthy mouth and smile.

On the other hand time may not be the issue, it may be that treatment fees are causing you the worry.  The dentist is not a concern for you, its affording any necessary treatment.  This is where we can help you.  We are not a practice that operates on a ‘cash up front’ basis.  We are realistic and know that in this day and age this isn’t always possible.  People have other priorities for their money and their teeth is just not one of them but this is where we may be able to help.

Payment Options

We try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to paying for treatment.  For this reason we offer different payment options:

Pay as you go – If your treatment plan consists of a few different appointments such as fillings, you can simply pay as you go. Also you can schedule your appointments to be once a month helping you break up the payments.

Pay in Stages – Implant treatment is carried out over a period of approximately 6-9 months. Your initial payment can be made at the Implant Placement stage, then another payment 3 months at your review appointment and so on. Breaking up the payments like this helps you to budget more easily.

Dental Financing – Just like you can buy a car on finance, now you can buy dental treatment on finance too.  We use a special dental company to provide the finance and in as little as 10 minutes you will know if you have been accepted.  There is a minimum spend to be able to apply for the treatment which is £1000.  Finance is available over 1 year or over up to 4 years. APR varies through out the year but is currently around the 7.9% mark.  You can apply for the full amount on finance or alternatively you can pay a deposit and then the rest on finance.  It is entirely up to you.


Call Us Today

Don’t let financing your treatment put you off having it.  For more information why not book an appointment with our Treatment Coordinator.  This ‘no obligation’ appointment is free of charge and your opportunity to find out about us, how we work, the treatment we provide and the payment plans we offer.  So there really is no excuse not to call us.

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