Can Healthy And Attractive Teeth Improve Our Mental Well Being?

Can Healthy And Attractive Teeth Improve Our Mental Well Being?

The benefits of self-improvement

Mental health issues are finally being given the serious attention that they deserve. Too many people suffer from this issue, in varying degrees. There can be many causes of it, both medical and societal, and often the causes have no easy answers.

We would certainly not make the claim that having healthy and great looking teeth will solve mental health issues, but we do believe that they can make us feel better about ourselves, and often help us to gain more confidence. These factors can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Daily effects

If we have a sensitive tooth, we may think twice about joining others for a hot coffee or cold beer, perhaps even avoiding social gatherings more than we normally would. Poor quality teeth that make eating more difficult can also cause us to avoid parties etc. This type of social isolation is likely to worsen our self esteem and may even lead us to become more withdrawn.

What we eat is also likely to affect how we feel. Although we may enjoy food for its flavour, its main purpose is to supply the body with important nutrients that keep us healthy and give us the energy to go about our daily lives. If our teeth are so poor that we restrict what we eat, we may well find ourselves lacking in some important nutrients.


Although there is some expectation that children will have teeth missing when they are young; once they reach their teenage years they are almost certain to be self conscious about their appearance. Especially if their teeth are very crooked, they may experience teasing etc at school which can have a long lasting effect on their confidence. Our Chelmsford dental team recommend that teenagers receive orthodontic treatment in cases such as this. Braces will straighten their teeth and help them to retain or regain their confidence.

Nicer looking teeth

Even if your teeth are generally healthy and you have regular check ups at Blue Sky Dental, your teeth may still be stained, or have become generally yellow as you grow older. This latter effect is unavoidable and is a consequence of the ageing process. None of us like to admit that we are getting older, and a teeth whitening procedure, performed by our Chelmsford cosmetic dentists, is a great way of reversing this particular ageing feature.

Mental health problems are a serious issue, but there is little doubt that if we look after ourselves, this is a good start to improving how we feel. Make sure that your teeth are healthy, and perhaps also consider cosmetic treatments to give you the best smile possible. Even these small steps are a large stride forwards to feeling good about ourselves.

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