Are Your Teeth At The Crossroads?

Are Your Teeth At The Crossroads?

When the time comes and you decide to improve your teeth, the Blue Sky Dental team are here to help!

There is an old story about a guitar player whose career is going nowhere. He arrives at a crossroads, where he is met by the devil who tells him that if he sells his soul to him, he will be rich and famous. The guitarist agrees, and that, so the myth goes, is how the ‘Blues’ was born.

Fortunately for our Chelmsford patients, you don’t need  to sell your soul in order to help you have great looking teeth, but you will probably arrive at your very own crossroads, when you decide that your own teeth are not as healthy or as attractive as they could be. This is probably more likely if you have either not seen a dentist for some time, or have done so very sporadically over the preceding years.

Making the decision

Everybody will be different, but you may have been living with unhealthy and discoloured teeth for a while and not been especially bothered by it, providing that you weren’t in any discomfort. Sometimes though, a change of circumstances, such as being in a new relationship, may bring these problems to light. For others, it can be a spur of the moment ‘Eureka’ moment when you look in the mirror and think ‘enough is enough’. When this happens, Blue Sky Dental of Chelmsford will be here to help you in your quest for healthy *and* great looking teeth.

The starting point

The first thing that needs to be done when you decide to turn the corner is to have a consultation with one of our Chelmsford dentists. We will discuss your general health and other issues before giving you a thorough oral examination. If you have neglected to keep dental appointments for some time, it is quite likely that we will find some common issues that occur when this happens. Both gum disease and dental cavities are very common; the extent of these will probably depend on how well you have looked after your teeth.

Before we look at any restorative or cosmetic treatment, it is essential that your gums are given a clean bill of health. If early stage gum problems are found, in most cases, straightforward scale and polish procedures by the hygienist, coupled with enhanced personal oral care will suffice to clear them up. Any signs of advanced gum disease though, may need specialist treatment that requires affected teeth and gums to be cleaned right down to the tooth roots.

Restoring your teeth

Once any gum health issues have been resolved, the next thing to do is to restore your teeth to a healthy state. This will often mean the use of fillings to fill any cavities in your teeth. We can combine this with the cosmetic aspect of our dental treatments by using a natural looking white dental filling which is almost invisible. Where more significant damage is present, a dental crown may be used instead.

Giving your smile a boost

For some people, having their teeth and gum health restored may be enough, and no pressure will be put on any patient to have any further treatment. We will, however,  encourage you, now that your teeth are healthy, to make sure that they stay that way by attending our Chelmsford clinic for regular check up appointments. Other patients may well take the opportunity to go one step further by finding out how we can help them to improve the way that their teeth look. We have an extensive selection of cosmetic procedures at Blue Sky Dental which can give you a much more attractive and youthful smile.

The treatments used will, of course, depend upon each individual. As an example, those with worn or very badly stained teeth may opt to have dental veneers fitted to restore them. A lot of people though, will benefit from our straightforward teeth whitening treatment. This is a very affordable treatment that makes a big difference to the way that your teeth look. You needn’t worry about having a set of teeth that look unnaturally white either.  By using our home teeth whitening kits, combined with advice from our experienced cosmetic dental team, you will be able to halt your treatment at a stage of whiteness that you, personally, feel happy with.

Veneers and teeth whitening are two of the most popular procedures that we offer to restore the way that your teeth look, but they are not the only ones.  Crooked teeth can be corrected using an appropriate orthodontic (brace) solution. We even offer almost invisible orthodontics to patients whose circumstances are right for this type of treatment.

The main thing is that, when you have that ‘Eureka’ moment, where you make a decision to do something about your teeth, particularly health related, you try to act upon it. Make a commitment to having a healthy mouth, and, if you wish, a nicer looking smile, by arranging your appointment to see a dentist at Blue Sky Dental by calling us on 01245 211070.

Our latest blog was supplied courtesy of Dr Hiten Pabari – Blue Sky Dental Owner – GDC 82505

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