Restoring Traumatic Dental Injuries In Chelmsford

Restoring Traumatic Dental Injuries In Chelmsford

When severe injuries to the mouth occur, our local Essex dentists are here to help.

If we think of a traumatic dental injury, most of us might think of having a tooth knocked out. Whilst this can certainly be traumatic for the person concerned, it can also usually be relatively easily addressed without too many complications. While we don’t like to dwell on it though, any of us could be involved in something like a car crash or a major fall that can cause real and significant damage to our teeth and oral cavity in general.

Before we move on to how Blue Sky Dental can help in these situations, we should emphasise once again that if you have an accident of this nature; even if a few teeth have been knocked out, your first call should always be to your local A&E. Accidents of this type may be devastating to your teeth, but could even be life threatening and you should have your injuries checked out by doctors first of all so that they can assess for any head injuries. Once it has been clarified that this is not the case, then you should call us for help.

Possible damage

There are a whole range of potential injuries within the oral cavity in significant events such as a car crash. The following are just some of them:

  • Broken teeth
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Jaw injuries including TMJ
  • Damage to previous restorations
  • Nerve damage

In all cases, we will need to thoroughly check you to assess the best course of action to take to restore your mouth function in the best way possible.

Restoring your mouth

With the range of specialist treatments at our disposal, we are confident that we can help Chelmsford patients that undergo this type of trauma to have a functional mouth once the treatment is completed. Complex situations may take a little time to complete, but it will be time well spent.

Where tooth loss has occurred in this manner, it is possible that there may be damage to the bone which held it in place. Dentures could be used to replace the missing teeth, but dental implants offer the most realistic and strongest option available. If bone damage has occurred, you may also need to have a bone graft in order to enable us to place an implant. Although prolonging the treatment period, this is likely to provide the most satisfactory outcome and enable you to eat more confidently upon completion.

Broken teeth can usually be fixed in the usual way, with the likelihood that the damage caused in these situations will be best restored with the addition of dental crowns. Where a previously fitted crown has become detached, it can be replaced, although further shaping of the tooth may be required if there is damage that has changed its shape.

Any fillings that have come out can be replaced too. In fact, this does provide an opportunity for those who had amalgam fillings to have them replaced with more aesthetically pleasing white tooth fillings which offer a natural appearance as well as a good level of strength.

With the range of experience in specialist fields that we have available at Blue Sky Dental, you can be sure that you will be in the best of hands at this difficult time.


Especially if you are younger or have been proud of your smile before the accident; once the essential restorative treatments have been completed, you will probably be wondering if you will ever get your smile back again. Although there may be some challenges, depending on the nature of your injuries, most of the cosmetic treatments that we provide here should still be able to restore the appearance of your teeth.

Any minor damage that has been done to the teeth such as chips or cracks can be restored using porcelain veneers. Bonding may be used in some cases but this tends not to be as effective over a longer period of time.

There may possibly also be some alignment issues following treatment, and orthodontics may be needed. We will discuss this with you following any other treatment that you might have needed being completed. Modern orthodontics such as Invisalign offer a very effective and discreet way of doing this, alleviating the need for unsightly metal braces.

Finally, one of our most popular cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening, can be used to give your smile a final polish. It may have been a long journey from traumatic dental injuries to a fully restored and aesthetically pleasing smile, but we are sure that it will have been worth it.

Of course, most of us, thankfully, will not suffer this level of damage but it is good to know that all is not lost if you do. Less significant injuries can also occur outside of this type of event of course, whether that is a knocked out tooth or one that breaks through unexpectedly biting something hard. We are here for you too, if this has happened to you. Restoring a damaged tooth as soon as possible is important as delaying treatment may well lead to further problems, so don’t delay contacting us if you have an accident.

If you would like to make an appointment with us, or if you have an oral health query that you need help with, please call our Chelmsford dental clinic today on 01245 211070.

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