Whiter Teeth For Valentine’s Day in Chelmsford

Whiter Teeth For Valentine’s Day in Chelmsford

Putting the ‘sparkle’ back into your life with nicer looking teeth

With Valentine’s Day just one week away, many people will be thinking of putting the final touches to their preparations for the day.

Whether early on in a relationship, or after many years of marriage, think back to what attracted you to your partner? There may be many reasons of course, but one thing we suspect that will be almost constant is their smile.

Study after study has shown that a person with a nice smile is attractive to us. Even outside of actual relationships, we tend to be drawn towards people who smile as it indicates a welcoming personality.

With this in mind, why not consider improving your smile for your partner, or indeed, why not arrange for you and your partner to take advantage of our £50 off teeth whitening offer when you bring a friend or partner?

Customised whitening

The amount of discolouration that our teeth may show can depend on our lifestyle choices, smoking being an obvious example of something that is likely to lead to severe staining. Many foodstuffs though also contribute to this problem. In addition, our teeth naturally darken as we get older, something which can’t be controlled by simply brushing our teeth more.

At Blue Sky Dental, we will examine your teeth and make recommendations as to the strength of the whitening gel and the length of the home whitening treatment to achieve your goals.  Customised whitening trays will then be produced following impressions being taken of your teeth. This ensures that not only are the trays comfortable, but also that the risk of any of the whitening gel leaking onto the soft tissues of your mouth is minimised.

The trays are usually worn for a few hours a day at a time to suit you and you will notice a gradual improvement in the appearance of your teeth. Whilst we will recommend the length of time to wear them for, you are, of course, free to stop wearing the trays at any point that you feel you have achieved a level of whiteness that you are happy with.

Repeat whitening

Although your new white teeth will last for many months, giving you a great smile, eventually, even with the ‘cleanest’ of diets, your teeth will gradually darken again. Fortunately, the teeth whitening procedure can be repeated any number of times with no negative effects on the health of your teeth. As you will already have your custom made trays, this reduces the cost of any repeat treatments.

Whilst most patients suffer no side effects from this procedure, some do notice some slight extra sensitivity in their teeth. Should this happen, we can provide a special gel to help to relieve this, or you may prefer to use your own regular pain relief medication. In either case, this usually only lasts for a few days before returning to normal.

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Essex who can whiten your teeth and give you a great smile, why not contact Blue Sky Dental of Chelmsford on 01245 211070.

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