Don’t Risk Having Your Teeth Whitened Illegally

Don’t Risk Having Your Teeth Whitened Illegally

Safe and affordable teeth whitening available at our Chelmsford dental practice.

Just a few years ago, there were an increasing number of  teeth whitening outlets appearing on high streets throughout the UK. Usually specialising in this treatment alone, many offered the procedure at a cheaper price than was possible for many dental practices. Unfortunately, in many cases, the people involved simply did not have the experience or dental knowledge that you would expect from a professional.

Although a relatively straightforward cosmetic procedure, teeth whitening can still have some quite serious negative effects if not performed professionally. Whether through wilful neglect or simple inexperience, a number of patients suffered painful side effects through having their teeth whitened at these high street ‘boutiques’, and, eventually, a law was passed which now allows this procedure only to be performed by registered dental clinicians.

Some illegal whitening still goes on

Whilst this law has removed virtually all of these outlets from the high streets, there are still some which practice this procedure, perhaps even within their home, offering it to friends and neighbours. If you do discover anybody doing so, you should report it and absolutely not have the procedure done by these unqualified people. The teeth whitening agent used is a form of bleach which must be treated and applied carefully. At Blue Sky Dental and other registered dentists, this is used in exact measures to whiten the patient’s teeth safely, without causing damage to the teeth. In fact, the whitening treatment can be repeated to allow your teeth to remain white ongoing, without any harm being caused.

There have been a number of prosecutions of these illegal whitening outlets where the quantities used to bleach the patient’s teeth have greatly exceeded the safe amount, often causing severe pain and acute teeth sensitivity.


Whilst we recognise that cost is a factor for many patients, a teeth whitening procedure is one of the most affordable cosmetic procedures, and it is certainly not worth taking the risk of having your teeth whitened illegally, just for a savings of a few pounds. At Blue Sky Dental, we offer our Chelmsford patients a number of finance options to help them to spread the cost of their cosmetic and general private dental procedures. Although we may not be able to match the price of illegal outlets, nor do we put our patient’s oral health at risk.

If you are unhappy with the colour of your teeth, whether stained through smoking, food consumption or simply ‘yellowed’ through age and would like to see what we can do to whiten them for you, why not call our Chelmsford dental practice on 01245 211070 to arrange a free non clinical consultation where we can discuss your needs and put a treatment plan into place.

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