How Our Chelmsford Dentists Make Use Of Modern Technology

How Our Chelmsford Dentists Make Use Of Modern Technology

A look at some of the important equipment here at Blue Sky Dental.

Those of our patients old enough to remember the very ‘functional’ nature of many dental practices in the past will, no doubt, be appreciative of the advances made in dental technology over the years. Not only has equipment become more sophisticated, but our awareness of the patient experience has made visits more comfortable too.

At Blue Sky Dental, we have made sure that our Chelmsford surgery is presented in a relaxing and friendly manner and with plenty of distractions available in our reception areas while you wait. It is in the area of technology though, where things have really improved and is an area that we continually monitor to advance the service we can offer our patients.

Below, we take a look at three areas where technology has helped make procedures more effective.

X Rays

X rays are especially important as only part of the tooth is visible above the gum line. Whilst many problems do originate here, there are others such as where periodontitis attacks the bone below the gum-line, that we are simply unable to see without the use of x-rays. X rays are also important in detecting abscesses when a root canal procedure is needed. This prevents a potentially extremely painful situation for any patient undergoing the procedure.

Modern x rays offer an excellent method of detecting these problems and expose the patient to much lower doses of radiation than older equipment, making them safer too.


Scans are a more sophisticated method of viewing areas under the gum line and they are especially important for the placing of dental implants. Precision placement is key here, not only to ensure that the implant is strong and looks natural but that there is sufficient bone into which the implant can be placed in the first instance. As there are nerves in the area of the jawbone, scans also help to ensure that these are not affected when the implant is placed.

The dental drill

This is the technology that is perhaps the most familiar to patients. Although a simple tool in many ways, the increase in the speed at which drills operate have made them more efficient at removing dental decay. This speeds up what, for some, can be an unpleasant experience, and helps the dentist complete the procedure as quickly as possible. Although some patients dislike the high pitched ‘whining’ sound that a modern dental drill makes, this is purely due to the high speed at which it rotates.

There are many more advances that have been made in the field of technology which include cleaning and sterilisation equipment to make the trip to the dentist a safer experience for our Chelmsford patients. We continue to monitor new technologies and, where we feel they may be of benefit to our patients, add them to our dental practice.

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