Faster Teeth Straightening with Cfast

Faster Teeth Straightening with Cfast

Our Chelmsford cosmetic dentist discusses this popular orthodontic system.

Although a relatively new system, invented in 2009; Cfast braces have been a popular addition to our orthodontic range at Blue Sky Dental. Whilst Invisalign is still, perhaps, the most popular method for straightening teeth, Cfast is catching up and has certain advantages over Invisalign which attracts some patients.

Whilst still offering a good degree of ‘invisibility’, Cfast works using the traditional method of dental braces which means that it is very effective and generally quicker than Invisalign; completing the treatment in approximately half of the time (case dependent).

Cosmetic braces

Cfast can be said to be a cosmetic dental brace, or orthodontic system, in that it focusses on straightening the front six teeth at the top and the bottom. By doing this, it can work quicker than braces which also aim to move the more securely embedded rear teeth. Whilst there are cases where this is necessary from a dental perspective, for many people, a more even smile is their main aim. The Cfast system is effective when applied to gap closure, crowded or crooked teeth and is also made less visible through the use of brackets and wires which are not only made of finer materials, but can also be produced to match the shade of your own teeth.

Regular checks by our Chelmsford dentist ensures that the treatment is going as planned, and that any necessary adjustments are made.

Oral care

As with any orthodontic system which uses wires and brackets, special care should be taken when cleaning the teeth, so as to avoid food becoming trapped. If left for a period of time, any food particles will start to affect the teeth and may result in tooth decay, if not remedied. We are always happy to discuss the best method of cleaning with you during your consultation or during a follow-up examination.


Although Cfast uses wire and brackets which are more visible than Invisalign, some patients still prefer them because of the speed at which they work. This is especially useful for patients who are aiming to have their teeth straightened by a certain date; perhaps a wedding or a special holiday. We are always happy to give our patients an estimated time that these braces will take to work, in order that they can plan ahead. Of course, each person is individual and times may vary. Following scans at our Chelmsford dental practice though, we should be able to estimate the length of time needed.

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