Half Price Orthodontic Assessment

Half Price Orthodontic Assessment

Save £60 at Blue Sky Dental and discover the best way to straighten your teeth.

If you take a look at our special offers page, you will find a number of money saving ways to help have healthier and more attractive teeth. These offers change from time to time and it is well worth popping back to see if we have anything that appeals to you.

In today’s blog, we are going to take a look at one that will appeal to many of our Chelmsford patients who are unhappy with their smile because of crooked teeth. Many patients will know that dental braces are the way to correct this problem, but most will probably only be familiar with the traditional type of dental brace, and be put off having them because they are so visible.

Different types of orthodontics

It is no longer the case that the only orthodontics available are the metallic wire and brackets design. Modern cosmetic dentistry now enables patients to have an even and attractive smile, using orthodontics that are much less visible.

It can be confusing though, as there are a wide range of orthodontics available, and not all are designed to treat the same specific problems. For this reason, it is not possible to pick them ‘off the shelf’, so to speak, and, in order to have the right dental braces for you, an assessment will be necessary.

When you have your assessment at Blue Sky Dental, you will be seen by a specialist in this field. Because of this, you can be sure that the most suitable orthodontics will be used for your teeth straightening treatment.

There are a number of orthodontic systems that we supply at our Chelmsford dental practice. Two of the most popular are Invisalign and the Six Month Smiles. Generally speaking, Invisalign are used where a large number of teeth need straightening, whilst the Six Month Smiles, focuses on the teeth that are visible when you smile and can largely be said to be cosmetic orthodontics. However, there is some cross-over between the approaches.

Your assessment

As is the case whether you come for your regular examination or more complex dental surgery, you can be sure that you will receive the best service possible from our experienced dental team. Although no surgery will be carried out during the assessment, it is, nonetheless, a very important step to discover which method to use, and it is important to get this right. The cost for this assessment is usually £120, but, thanks to our special offer, patients now pay only £60 to have this done. Naturally, should you decide to go ahead with the treatment, the cost of the orthodontic treatment will be more expensive, but we can help you to spread the cost by using one of our finance plans.

During the assessment, we will discuss what it is that you are unhappy with about your smile. We may also suggest other treatments that might offer additional benefits. For example, a teeth whitening procedure once your orthodontic treatment is complete, will really make your smile stand out. These are just suggestions of course and you are under no obligation to accept them.

We may take x-rays to assess the underlying jawbone. This is important as a certain amount of stress is put on the teeth as gentle pressure is applied to move them into the desired position and we need to be sure that the bone is strong and healthy enough. Some x-rays are included in the special offer.

We will also examine your general mouth health, including that of your gums. No orthodontic  treatment can commence until your gums are healthy, and, if gingivitis or periodontitis is detected, you will need to receive prior treatment before teeth braces can be used.

How long do orthodontics take to work?

After wanting to know more about how discreet these cosmetic orthodontics are, the next most common question is how long the treatment takes. This is impossible to answer here as everyone’s situation will be different, and will largely depend on how many teeth need to be straightened, and by how much.

Where the rear teeth, as well as the visible front teeth, need their position corrected, this generally takes much longer, sometimes a year or more. The comfort, near invisibility and ease of use of Invisalign offers patients perhaps the best experience possible where this is the case.

For a more cosmetic improvement, such as relatively minor crookedness of the front teeth, though one which can really spoil an otherwise attractive smile, treatment generally takes much less time.

For this type of problem, the Six Month Smiles system is an excellent option. As you can probably guess from the name, it takes, on average, about six months to work. This can be less though, if the correction needed is less significant.

Why not take the first steps to a straighter more attractive smile by taking advantage of our special offer? For just £60, you can discover the best way to achieve this, with the help of our experienced orthodontists. To make an appointment for your assessment, or to contact us for any other reason, please ring Blue Sky Dental 01245 211070.

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