What is “high quality” specialist dental care?

What is “high quality” specialist dental care?

Reasons for considering Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford as your first choice practice.

Making a decision about which dentist to register with, especially when you are new to an area, can be a tricky one. You may not have built up a network of friends or work colleagues yet who can advise who they go to. It can be tempting then, to choose the dentist who is situated the closest to you. This is a logical approach as most of us live busy lives and finding a convenient dentist nearby is a practical choice, but it is not always the best one.

If you take a look at your nearest Chelmsford dental practice, what do they offer? All dentists have to be registered with the General Dental Council, so they should be able to carry out essential dental care at least. For those seeking the widest range of options for looking after their teeth and gums though, there is more to consider than just this.

Specialist dental treatment

In addition to procedures that most patients are familiar with, such as fillings and extractions; our team of specialists are able to handle complex dental problems which many practices are not; referring patients instead to other dentists.

Among the specialist dental services provided at Blue Sky Dental are:

  • Oral surgery (inc removal of wisdom teeth)
  • Prosthodontics (replacement of teeth and other mouth structures using artificial means such as implants)
  • Periodontics (the care and treatment of periodontitis)
  • Endodontics (root canal treatment)

By using Blue Sky Dental, you will not need to visit another, different practice should you need any of these treatments, instead, receiving your treatment from one of our experienced specialist dental team.

Cosmetic treatments

Whilst helping to keep your teeth and gums healthy is our predominant aim, there is no reason, once this has been achieved, to settle for teeth that you are unhappy with the appearance of. Our Chelmsford cosmetic dentists are able to improve the appearance of your teeth by using a number of different treatments, including:

  • Teeth whitening – a safe and effective way of having nicer looking teeth
  • Veneers – for replacing badly stained or damaged enamel on the visible teeth
  • Orthodontics – we can straighten your teeth using a number of discrete methods
  • Dental implants – the modern way to replace missing teeth with a strong substitute
  • Facial aesthetics – why stop at your teeth, we can also improve the smoothness of your skin!

We are always happy to see new patients at our Ipswich practice and will be pleased to discuss any special requirements or needs that you may have. Why not take the first step and book your initial consultation with us by calling 01245 211070. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed!

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