Ask Blue Sky Dental – Fast Cosmetic Treatments

Ask Blue Sky Dental – Fast Cosmetic Treatments

A patient asks about looking her best for her wedding day.

Today’s question comes from a Chelmsford patient who wants to know what we can do in a short period of time to help her look good for her wedding day.

Q. My partner and I have decided to get married in the early part of next year. I am very happy about this though it has raised a number of practical challenges. One area in which you may be of some help is in helping me to look good on the day. My teeth are OK but don’t really stand up to close scrutiny as they will on the photos, and I’d really like to look as good as I can. The main problems are slightly crooked front teeth and an element of discolouration which always detracts from my smile on photos. Do you have any suggestions please?

Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding, and I am sure that we can help. Naturally we will need to take a look at the problems first, during a consultation at our Chelmsford clinic, but the cosmetic dental procedures that we have at our disposal will certainly help.

First of all, your ‘crooked’ teeth. This is an issue which can take some time to resolve. Unfortunately, there are no short cuts as gentle pressure is needed to move them. Putting too much strain on the teeth could cause permanent damage. At Blue Sky Dental though, we do have a faster acting orthodontic system available called Cfast, which works more rapidly than many other types. It is specifically designed to work on the top and bottom front six teeth, the ones most highly visible when you smile.

As stated before, we would need to inspect your teeth to see if this method would be suitable, but providing that the crookedness is not too severe, I am optimistic that it would.

With regards to the discoloured teeth, this is much more straightforward and your teeth will be whitened effectively using our popular and fast acting home teeth whitening kit. These are designed specifically for your own teeth, ensuring that the trays in which the whitening ingredient is placed, are both secure and comfortable.

Because this procedure is performed at home, with guidance from our cosmetic dentist, a few weeks should be allowed to get the best results in time for your wedding.

These two procedures should help to create the smile that you want for your wedding day, but other options such as dental veneers or composite bonding could also be used for any small chips in the teeth if needed.

Especially for the teeth straightening, I would suggest that you arrange a consultation with us as soon as possible so that we can start the treatment quickly to help ensure your new smile will be ready in time for the big day.

Please get in touch with our team at Blue Sky Dental of Chelmsford on 01245 211070 to book your appointment.

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