A New Year Smile Makeover For 2019?

A New Year Smile Makeover For 2019?

Christmas may not be here yet, but it never hurts to plan ahead!

Most of us are probably currently busy buying presents, putting up the Christmas tree and making travel arrangements to visit friends and relatives over the forthcoming festive period. It won’t be long though, until our thoughts look further ahead to the New Year and all the resolutions that many of us regularly make.

New Year resolutions vary in scope and also, possibly, realism in many cases. Even though we spend millions each year on gym memberships, deep down, many of us know that our determination will not last and we will have spent a lot of money for little gain. There are ways that you can spend money though, that will bring great results. This applies to our Chelmsford patients who are determined to see an improvement in the appearance of their teeth and smile for the New Year ahead.

Smile makeover

Some patients may need quite significant intervention to radically improve their smile. Especially where teeth are missing and there has been a period of neglect, restoring the mouth to a functional state is likely to be a priority. This might include advanced procedures such as the use of dental implants to replace any missing teeth.

For the majority of patients, this will not be necessary and they may be looking to ‘fine tune’ their smile. At Blue Sky Dental, we are able to help you to achieve this through the use of one, or a combination of procedures, that come under the category of a smile makeover.

The stages of a smile makeover

Before any cosmetic treatment can commence, it is important to make sure that your mouth is in generally good health. There is little point in having beautiful white teeth if they are likely to fall out due to periodontitis, for example. We will treat any instances of decay, most probably using a white dental filling where this is needed to retain the natural appearance. We also recommend that you have a thorough scale and polish, which can be carried out at our Chelmsford dental clinic by the hygienist. Once we are happy that you have a healthy mouth, your smile makeover can begin.


As straightening teeth is the lengthiest procedure, it makes sense to start resolving this issue early on. There are many modern orthodontic systems now available which can be used for a range of issues. Not all of these take a long time to work though, and for those who are seeking a relatively small improvement in this area, to help perfect their smile, we can offer systems that work in just a matter of weeks. It will, of course, be necessary to examine you in order to make the right decision about which system to use.

Crowns/white fillings

We can also restore your teeth using a variety of methods. As mentioned before, white fillings can be used where decay is present and will leave you with much more natural looking teeth. Misshapen or more badly damaged teeth can be restored using dental crowns made in a shade to match your own natural teeth.

Teeth whitening procedure

This is the most commonly used treatment as a part of a smile makeover. Indeed, for many patients with otherwise “good” teeth, this may be the only procedure that is necessary. A common complaint from patients is that their teeth are no longer as white as they used to be. This can be caused by surface staining, but is also likely to be due to the darkening of the dentin layer which resides below the enamel surface. To lighten this, a professional teeth whitening procedure is necessary.

This procedure is entirely non invasive and the personalised teeth whitening treatments that we offer can also be carried out at home, with ongoing professional supervision. This is a safe and fast acting treatment that can really bring out the best in your smile, and vert affordably too!

Dental veneers

Although this treatment does require some dental surgery, it is an excellent choice in situations where a teeth whitening procedure may be less effective. This especially applies where the teeth are heavily stained or have sustained cracks and chips over the years. This treatment involves the removal of a fine layer of the damaged enamel and its replacement with a porcelain veneer of an equivalent thickness.

In order to get the best smile possible, it is essential that you have a consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists. This will allow us to determine the best course of action to take and to discuss any procedures and other practicalities, such as payment plans.

Even though you may not have finished with Christmas yet, it never hurts to plan ahead. Making an appointment now for your consultation will mean that treatment can start early, hopefully resulting in a brand new smile in the early part of 2019. Please call Blue Sky Dental today on 01245 211070 and we’ll be delighted to get the initial arrangements in place!

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