Can People Tell If You Are Wearing Teeth Braces?

Can People Tell If You Are Wearing Teeth Braces?

Modern orthodontics from Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford are a ‘game changer’ for people with crooked teeth.

To answer the question that forms the title of today’s blog; ‘yes’ people can see if you are wearing braces IF they are the old traditional type. They are usually made out of metal and are generally very visible. There are some modern versions which can be used for minor cosmetic adjustments and these are made from tooth coloured materials, but general dental braces, made from metal, are pretty hard to miss when someone who is wearing them decides to smile.

This visibility has been a problem for many years and has definitely been a factor in many people’s decision to do nothing about their crooked and uneven teeth. While this might be understandable, it also means that they have to live with the consequences of this decision and have a crooked smile for life. It is also likely that crooked teeth will be less healthy as they can be very difficult to clean in some situations.

It took some time, but finally, a tried and tested (almost) invisible orthodontic system was developed. These are often referred to as ‘clear aligners’ and, at Blue Sky Dental, we are pleased to be able to provide these, supplied by some of the leading names in modern orthodontics. These include Invisalign braces, Inman Clear Aligners and Damon Clear. A decision on the most appropriate to use will be taken following an assessment of your needs.

How do they work?

Old style braces used a combination of wires and brackets that needed to be adjusted periodically to gradually move the teeth into place. While Invisalign and Damon Clear also move the teeth towards their desired position, they do so through the use of a series of custom transparent trays that fit over the teeth. Each of these trays is designed to apply a gentle pressure on the teeth that moves them a little. When a tray has achieved this, it is replaced by the next tray which continues the work until all trays have been used and the teeth are correctly positioned.

Are the braces really invisible?

Naturally, you can see the trays which are made from a transparent medical grade plastic. If you couldn’t, then you would soon lose them! They are definitely much less visible when being worn though. In general, most people won’t notice you are wearing them. Close up, they may be more visible but even then, much less so that metal braces by a very long way. The high quality of these products also means that they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye too.

Will food get trapped in them?

The answer is ‘no’ and for a very good reason. Unlike traditional braces, the trays are made to be removed when you eat. This is a huge benefit for patients of our popular Chelmsford dentist. It means that you can eat what you wish, and yes, that includes products like spinach, without worrying about food becoming trapped in them. Naturally, you will still need to clean your teeth as usual (much easier than when wearing regular braces!) and also clean the trays in the manner advised by the dentist.

Are they uncomfortable?

Most patients find wearing the trays more comfortable than old style braces. A little discomfort might be felt initially however. They are, after all, applying slight pressure to your teeth, but this should not be painful and you will soon adjust. You may also find that you initially salivate when the trays are first fitted. This is just your body’s way or trying to remove something that is an alien object to it. This is a temporary issue though and soon normalises. It should be pointed out that this also occurs with metal braces too.

Do I have to pay for them all at once?

As clear aligners are only available privately, there is of course, a cost associated with them. They are not as cheap as traditional braces but we feel, and most patients find, that this is worth it for the many benefits that they offer. To help you to spread the cost of the treatment, we do provide a range of payment plans that allow you to spread the cost of your treatment over a period of time.

We hope that you found today’s blog useful and would like to remind you that we are always open to suggestions for our blogs. If there are any dental related subjects you would like us to cover, please do get in touch.

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