Ways To Preserve A Natural Tooth At Blue Sky Dental In Chelmsford

Ways To Preserve A Natural Tooth At Blue Sky Dental In Chelmsford

Our aim is to avoid the need for tooth replacement….

Even with sophisticated modern advances in dentistry, such as the dental implant; few would argue that keeping our own teeth is the best option where possible. There are, of course, instances where there may be little or no choice but to extract a badly damaged or decayed tooth, but there are a number of options that can often be taken to avoid this final step.

Regular care

Healthy teeth depend on good oral health care. Whilst some people, genetically, may have stronger teeth than others, excessive sugar consumption or neglecting to clean and floss the teeth will almost certainly result in dental problems for all individuals. Ensuring that you are examined on a regular basis by one of our Essex dental team will help to ensure that any potential problems are detected early on and can often be treated with minimal intervention.


The most common restorative treatment at Blue Sky Dental is the dental filling. Most of our patients will be familiar with this procedure and few people will go through their lives without receiving at least one. White dental fillings are now available which are strong and effective and can be used for most fillings. These offer not only a strong way of restoring a tooth, following decay, but also mean that, unlike darker amalgam fillings, they blend in well with the natural tooth, leaving them almost undetectable.

Crowns, inlays and onlays

Where decay is more extensive, or significant damage has occurred to the tooth, a filling may not be the best option available. Whilst they are strong, a large filling is unlikely to be as stable in these instances and alternatives may be sought. Where sufficient tooth has survived, a specially prepared inlay or onlay may be used. These are a strong and effective solution in many cases. Perhaps more commonly though, a dental crown will be used in circumstances such as these. The chosen option will be determined following a professional examination and the best course of action then decided upon.

Root canal treatment

Dental crowns are also used in root canal treatment. This is a particular dental field called endodontics, which is used when the pulp in the roots of a tooth becomes infected. Where the rest of the tooth is in a suitable condition, the tooth can be preserved by removing the top and cleaning the infected material from the roots. These are then filled and a crown added for both strength and aesthetic appearance.

If you have a problematic tooth and are concerned that it may need to be extracted, this may not necessarily be the case. Our Blue Sky Dental team in Chelmsford, Essex will need to examine the tooth, and, where possible, will attempt to save your natural tooth. Where this is not possible, options such as dental bridges or dental implants will be discussed with you.

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