Dental Care For Diabetics in Chelmsford

Dental Care For Diabetics in Chelmsford

Patients with diabetes are at a heightened risk of oral health problems.

A recent study (1) has suggested that, if the NHS prioritised diabetic oral health care, it could save a significant amount of money on further medical treatment.

This highlights the importance of good quality, regular dental care for those with diabetes, including ongoing supervision and any necessary treatment by your local Chelmsford dentists.

What is diabetes?

With nearly four million diabetics in the UK, it is a relatively common and potentially dangerous condition if left untreated. It occurs when the body is unable to process glucose efficiently, leaving blood sugar above safe levels. Diabetes can cause a number of health issues including heart disease, eye problems and kidney disease. These are all serious problems and need professional medical care. At Blue Sky Dental, we play our part in helping diabetics by encouraging good oral health maintenance to help ensure healthy teeth and gums, something which can be badly affected by this disease.

Gum disease risks

The biggest problem that is exaggerated by having diabetes is gum disease. Whilst some patients might believe that this is not an especially dangerous problem, the fact is that, left untreated and allowed to advance, gum disease can, and does, lead to tooth loss. One of the reasons that diabetics are especially prone to this problem is that saliva production and flow is reduced, and a dry mouth is more common. This is a problem as saliva helps to wash away the bacteria in the mouth which contributes to gum disease. In addition to this, the bacteria thrive in a warm dry environment, such as that provided by a dry mouth.

We may ask our Chelmsford patients with diabetes to visit us for check ups on a more regular basis than the six months that most patients do. By doing so, we can monitor and treat any gum disease problems and prevent them from advancing to a point where tooth loss may occur.

Quality of life

Where gum disease has advanced to the stage where bone loss may have occurred (known as periodontitis), there is a possibility that teeth may be lost. Whilst we will do all that we can to prevent this from happening, possibly through deep clean treatment for gum disease, tooth loss could still occur. Whether diabetic or not; losing teeth, and especially visible ones, is a traumatic experience and most people will wish to replace them. Whilst we do offer traditional methods such as modern dentures or bridges, increasingly, patients of Blue Sky Dental are turning to dental implants for a long lasting, secure and natural looking option.

If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and are unsure about how to best take care of your oral health, or would like a check up for any gum disease problems, please call Blue Sky Dental of Chelmsford on 01245 211070.


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