Is There Such A Thing As A ‘Best Dentist’?

Is There Such A Thing As A ‘Best Dentist’?

A look at the dental choices available for our Chelmsford patients.

Whilst it seems to be a trend to go online to find the ‘best’ of anything, when it comes down to choosing which dental practice to register with, it is very often down to the individual preferences of patients. The reality is that any dentist practicing in the UK has been trained to a high standard and people’s choices often come down to other factors.

Below, we take a look at some of the reasons why we feel that Blue Sky Dental offers a great choice for patients from across Essex, even though, of course, it’s not ethical to use phrases like “best dentist in Chelmsford“!

Our dentists

Although, as noted previously, all UK dentists are trained to a high standard, we obviously take pride in the quality and capabilities of our own dentists at our local Chelmsford practice. We are sure that patients will find them to be caring, friendly and will always do their best to help patients relax both before and during any necessary procedures. In addition to this, we have a range of dental specialists, which is not always the case at other dental practices. These include:

Orthodontist – Straightening teeth using cosmetic braces

Periodontist – Specialist treatment of gum disease

Oral Surgeon – Diagnosis and treatment of the soft tissues of the mouth

Endodontist – Root canal treatment

Prosthodontist – Replacement of teeth by artificial means e.g. dental implants

As you can see, whatever treatment you might need, we have a fully qualified and experienced dental team on hand to provide an excellent service for our patients.


Naturally, location is important to many people and we offer a convenient dental service for Chelmsford patients. We are situated in the centre of Chelmsford in Baddow Road. We are also easily accessible by public transport.

Procedures offered

Finally, whilst all dental practices are able to offer standard procedures such as fillings and extractions etc, we are also able to offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry at Blue Sky Dental. These include:

Dental implants – For long lasting and secure tooth replacement

Dental Veneers – For heavily stained, cracked or chipped teeth

Teeth whitening –  Improve your whiteness by up to eight shades

Denture stabilisation – Using dental implants to secure loose dentures

Invisible braces – Straighten teeth discreetly

Facial aesthetics – Botox and dermal fillers for smoother and younger looking skin

As you can see, anyone wishing to have nicer looking teeth has a wide range of treatments to choose from to help them improve their smile. If you are looking to register with a dentist in Chelmsford, or your current practice does not offer the procedures that we do, why not call us on 01245 211070 and arrange an appointment to visit us. We look forward to seeing you at Blue Sky Dental soon!

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