Treating Persistently Sore Gums in Chelmsford

Treating Persistently Sore Gums in Chelmsford

Early possible warnings of gum problems should not be ignored.

At Blue Sky Dental, we firmly believe in preventative dental care.

In general, this means ensuring that patients have an appointment with one of our Chelmsford dental team every six months or so. Barring accidents, this should help to ensure that any treatment that might be needed is relatively minor.

Even with regular appointments though, issues can arise which really shouldn’t be left until the next appointment, especially if it is still a few months away. Some of these issues may feel almost insignificant, but, in fact, may be signs that early intervention is needed.

Sore gums

Whilst people will usually call us for an emergency dental appointment if they have toothache, it is unusual for them to do so if their gums are causing discomfort. Whilst some temporary soreness is possible with no long term effects, such as if the gums are scratched, persistent soreness should be taken seriously and a dental appointment made.

There is certainly a possibility that gum disease is present if the gums are persistently sore, especially if this is accompanied by bleeding when you brush your teeth. This early stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis and is relatively easily treated if detected early on. Unfortunately, some people will choose to ignore these symptoms, allowing the problem to become more serious and develop into periodontitis with the risk of bone degradation and tooth loss that goes with it.


Whilst advanced gum disease (periodontitis) will require specialist dental care and potentially a root planing procedure, early stage gum disease means that you are likely to be referred to the hygienist at Blue Sky Dental for a sequence of professional cleans. This treatment, also known as a scale and polish, is an effective method of restoring gum health and is a non invasive procedure. You may also be given advice about your oral health and how to improve your care of it. This may include dietary advice and the recommendation that you add flossing to your daily routine. Lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking alcohol can also increase the risk of gum disease and this may also be discussed.


Once you have been shown how to brush and floss effectively, you should be back on track to having clean and healthy gums. We do recommend though that you make regular appointments to see the hygienist. Bacteria has a way of finding places to hide that a toothbrush or floss cannot reach and these are the places where gum problems and tooth decay often start. Through regular checks with our Chelmsford dentists and cleaning and education with our hygienists, we will be able to help you attain and maintain good oral health for many years to come.

To make an appointment for any type of dental problem outside of your regular appointments, please call our Chelmsford dental practice on 01245 211070.

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