The Link Between Oral And General Health

The Link Between Oral And General Health

Researchers are increasingly finding links between gum health and the rest of our body.

Our key role at Blue Sky Dental, is to help you to have healthy teeth and gums.

This is our priority, although we are also able to help you to improve the way that they look too, through teeth whitening procedures and orthodontics, amongst a wide range of dental treatments.

Having strong and healthy teeth and gums, allows our Chelmsford dental patients to feel confident about eating any food that they wish and keeps you pain free too. Increasingly though, the health of our mouth is being seen to be linked to a healthy body.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s

We should say, first of all, that there is no direct evidence that having poor gum health means that you will have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Whether this causal link is determined in the future will depend on the findings of researchers. What has been noticed though is that poor oral health is noticeably more prominent in people with dementia. This could be due to them not looking after their teeth as well though. Our Chelmsford dentists are now being encouraged to note any unexpected changes in gum problems as an early indicator of possible dementia.


It is well established that diabetics are more likely to suffer from gingivitis and periodontitis than healthy people. There is now some suggestion that this may also work the other way around. Having gum disease has been shown to increase a person’s level of glucose, a common feature of diabetes.

Strokes and heart disease

Whilst, again, there is no confirmed causal link between gum disease and a heart problem, scientists have noticed more heart problems, including heart attacks and strokes, in those with gum disease. One theory is that the bacteria that is present in gum disease may enter the bloodstream and contribute towards a buildup of plaque in the arteries.


This is another area of research where scientists are examining whether there is a link. Whilst again, much is yet to be proven, a 2012 study did show that in people with rheumatoid arthritis 65% had gum disease, compared to a national average of 28%.

As you may have noticed, the link between gum health and other health issues has yet to be definitely proven. But given the relative ease of avoiding gum disease, and the severity of the potential health issues though, it surely has to be worth trying to improve how you look after your gums.

Good basic home care, including brushing and the use of dental floss, plus a twice yearly ‘scale and polish’ by our Chelmsford dental hygienist should set you on track to keeping your gums in good health, at least for most people.

If you would like to have a gum health check at Blue Sky Dental, it could prove to be very beneficial to your health. Call us today for an appointment on 01245 211070.

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