How Does It Feel To Have Botox Treatment?

How Does It Feel To Have Botox Treatment?

Facial aesthetics is becoming increasingly popular, but some patients still have reservations. Is this valid?

In addition to both family and cosmetic dentistry, we offer a selection of facial aesthetic treatments here at our Chelmsford dental practice.

These are growing in popularity, perhaps boosted by some of the popular reality TV programmes. Despite being safe and successful when carried out by qualified practitioners, some people still have some reservations about them. Below, the facial aesthetics team at Blue Sky Dental offer answers to some of these concerns.

Safety first

Botox has suffered from some negative press in the media. Most of us will have seen extreme examples of Botox treatments, whether requested by the patient or a procedure gone wrong. We can assure patients that we take all precautions to prevent this from happening. Our facial aesthetics team are fully trained and qualified and we reserve the right to refuse treatment where we are concerned either for the patient’s safety if the procedure should go ahead, or where extreme treatment is requested.

A natural look

Another concern for many people is that it will leave them with ‘puffy lips’ or a ‘frozen face’ where they are unable to smile. Again, providing that the treatment is carried out correctly, your lips and face should appear natural, albeit with less facial wrinkles than before. You will be able to laugh and smile as much as you want. It is worth mentioning that there may some minor localised bruising at the sites of the injections. These only last a few days but you may wish to arrange your social calendar around your treatment.

A painless procedure

The only sensation that you will feel during your procedure is a small pricking as the needle enters the skin. The needle used is very fine and the Botox is added in small quantities; so there is no need to be concerned about any discomfort you think you might feel.

Growing old gracefully

Some of our Chelmsford patients have told us that they feel people should age naturally. This is fine for some people but others may not agree. If you consider that you look older than you feel, the use of Botox and Dermal Fillers offer an excellent, and safe, way to provide you with a younger looking appearance. This can also help some people to have more confidence too.

The wrinkles will be back

No facial aesthetic treatment is permanent; at least not without actual surgery. The use of Botox and Dermal Fillers is a non invasive way of looking younger. It is true that the results of the treatment don’t last forever, but most patients will find that it lasts for longer than they perhaps expect. This will depend upon a number of factors which we will discuss with you beforehand, but it is not unusual for a treatment to last for up to a year in some situations.

Pregnancy restrictions

If you are pregnant or are breastfeeding, it is recommended that you don’t have facial aesthetic treatments. Although the risk is considered to be very low, there have been some concerns that the treatments used could affect the well-being of the baby and may contribute towards low birth weight.

Repeating treatments

Although Botox will eventually wear off, you needn’t worry about your wrinkles returning if you continue to have treatment. Despite what some people think, they don’t come back worse than they were before you started the treatment. If your wrinkles look worse when you stop treatment after say five years, it is purely because you are five years older. We can help you to plan your treatment to give your skin a consistent tone.

Special occasions

Not everybody has ongoing treatment, and some may use it as a one off treatment for a special occasion. Weddings are a good example of this if the bride to be wants to look at her very best in the wedding photos. If you are considering having a facial treatment for a specific event, please contact Blue Sky Dental well in advance so that we can plan your treatment at a time that will give you the best results possible.

Yes, men too!

It is sometimes presumed that it is predominantly women who have this treatment. Whilst it is true that more women than men request it, the gap is narrowing. Men are no longer expected to have that ‘worn in’ look as they get older, and looking younger can have many positive benefits in your life, beyond simply improving the appearance. This applies as much for men as it does women.

What improvements can be made?

Most people are probably aware of the more common treatments such as reducing forehead lines or wrinkles around the eyes. There are actually many areas of the face that Botox can be used for. The best way to discover how we can help you to have a younger looking smile is to arrange an initial consultation with one of our facial aesthetics team. This will enable us to arrange a treatment plan and also discuss any health issues that you have which may affect the outcome. You will find our team to be both helpful and friendly!

If you would like to have younger looking skin, why not take the first step today and call Blue Sky Dental on 01245 211070.

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