Lip Enhancement – Concerns About Dermal Fillers Answered

This fast and safe procedure is now available at Blue Sky Dental.

Although Botox is perhaps the most talked about aesthetic facial treatment, dermal fillers are also a popular method to help towards a younger looking face. Designed to replace natural collagen which is lost as we get older, dermal fillers offer a safe and effective way to achieve this.

Dermal fillers have also made the news for all the wrong reasons, typically where they have been used badly for plumping up lips to give them a fuller appearance and resulting in some startlingly poor results. However, in the hands of a skilled practitioner, there is little to worry about.

What if?

As mentioned above, unfortunately, this procedure has, at times in the past, been used incorrectly and has left people with what is sometimes known as a ‘trout pout’. This is caused by overuse of the filler, exaggerating the appearance of the lips. We would like to re-assure patients of Blue Sky Dental that this will not happen to them as our facial aesthetic team are highly skilled and experienced. Indeed most ‘trout pouts’ are likely to have been caused by inexperienced practitioners.

Below, we answer some other concerns which patients looking for dermal fillers in Essex have expressed to us.

Will it look natural?  – Yes, there is no reason why you should have unnatural looking lips. Our team generally advises patients to opt for a natural look, perhaps enhancing the lips just a little. Whilst the results will not be glaringly obvious to the person in the street, those closest to you are likely to notice that there is something different about you but not be able to put their finger on what it is. We are sure though, is that you will notice the difference yourself and, quite likely, feel more confident about your looks too. Often subtle changes are the best.

Are dermal fillers painful – Whilst a little discomfort might be felt during the procedure, our experienced team will ensure that any discomfort is kept to a minimum.

Will I bruise? – That depends a little on the individual. Some people don’t experience bruising following the injections whilst others do. Any bruising experienced should be local to the injection area and should be relatively minor. Most of our Chelmsford facial aesthetics patients tend to allow some time, just a couple of days afterwards, to allow time for any localised bruising to subside before partaking in social events.

If you are looking for lip enhancement treatments and live in Essex, the team at Blue Sky Dental are more than happy to discuss any aspect of our facial aesthetic treatments with you. Simply call us to arrange a consultation on 01245 211070.

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