Are There Risks To Having Botox Treatment?

Are There Risks To Having Botox Treatment?

A closer look at some of the concerns about this popular facial aesthetics procedure.

At Blue Sky Dental, we pride ourselves on our ability to help people bring out the best in their appearance. Naturally, as cosmetic dentists, this may mean procedures such as teeth whitening and orthodontic treatment where needed, to create a beautifully white and even smile.

This alone though may not be sufficient for some patients, who, despite having a great smile, still have signs of ageing skin, commonly in the form of lines and wrinkles. The good news is that we offer both Botox and Dermal Fillers at our Chelmsford practice; both of which are excellent methods to reduce signs of ageing and create younger looking skin.


As patients who have had our facial aesthetic treatments will attest, Botox is highly successful at providing smoother skin that lasts for quite a long time. Both patients who have already had this procedure and those considering it, are likely to have had concerns before making a final decision, particularly given some of the adverse comments about facial aesthetics which crop up periodically in the news. We take a look at the few of these typical concerns below and try to address any worries:

  1. Botox is a poison” – Botox is actually a toxin, and, in high doses would be dangerous. This is not an issue though providing that you make sure that you have the procedure performed by a trained practitioner such as those at Blue Sky Dental. It is important that you tell us of any existing medical conditions before the treatment starts as some illnesses may mean that Botox may not be suitable for you.
  2. The procedure can go horribly wrong” – This is one of the most common concerns of patients who have seen photographic evidence of procedures that have produced unpleasant looking results. There are two possible main reasons for these extreme cases. Firstly, some patients may have attempted to cut financial corners which may have resulted in them having the procedure done by inexperienced practitioners. Secondly; perhaps the most widely seen cases lie with celebrities who have the money to pay practitioners to push the procedure to, and beyond, it’s limits. This often results in unnatural facial expressions and overfilled lips.
  3. It’s a painful procedure” – Any procedure that involves an injection may prove to be uncomfortable to some degree. This is only to be expected. A Botox injection is placed just under the skin surface and not deep into the flesh. Whilst a small amount of discomfort may be experienced, it should be both minor and short lived.
  4. It leaves unsightly scars” – The very fine needle used to apply Botox may leave a small localised bruise. As Botox is sometimes injected in several areas of the face, this can result in a number of very small bruises appearing on the skin. These are natural and temporary. Many of our Chelmsford Botox patients arrange to have the procedure done at a time when they can take a day or two from work and stay at home until any minor bruising subsides, a day or so later.

We understand that some patients may have other concerns about this procedure and we are always happy to discuss these openly and honestly with you.

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