Looking After Your Root Canal Treated Tooth – 5 Ways

Looking After Your Root Canal Treated Tooth – 5 Ways

Good aftercare for the best long term results….

When the inner part of a tooth becomes infected, there are only two options available;  the most drastic of these being to extract the tooth. In many cases though, a tooth infected in this manner can often be saved using a root canal procedure.

This essentially means the removal of the infected material, a thorough clean of the hollow canals to prevent re-infection, then filling the canals and adding a crown to complete the tooth.

Whilst this is an excellent way to save the tooth, it will not be quite as strong as a healthy natural tooth would be, and the following tips should help you to get the most from your newly treated tooth.

Antibiotics – You may be given antibiotics to be sure that the infection has completely gone. If we do supply these, please make sure that you complete the course as instructed.

Discomfort – As with any invasive dental procedure performed at any practice, there may be some discomfort following the procedure when the local anaesthetic wears off. This is normal and should cause no concern. You may take your usual pain medication to manage this for a short while, but if the discomfort continues, please call our Chelmsford dental practice immediately.

Keep it clean – If the area of the procedure is very tender initially and you are unable to brush, simply swill a warm saline solution around it for a day or so. Although the tooth now contains no nerves, it is still important to keep it clean in order to keep the enamel strong, and also to prevent gum disease from occurring around the tooth.

Careful biting – As mentioned earlier, a root canal treated tooth may not be as strong as a healthy one. Whilst it should provide sufficient strength for most foods, we would recommend that you try to chew on the other side of your mouth when eating particularly hard foods. This will help you to keep the tooth in good condition for as long as possible and hopefully prevent any breakages.

Sensitivity – Although any sensitivity should gradually go, you may find that your tooth is initially susceptible to extremes of temperature. It is best therefore to avoid foods and drinks that are either very hot or very cold for a while. Avoid ice creams etc and allow your food to cool before eating it.

Whilst the above is useful advice for local patients who have had root canal treatment at Blue Sky Dental, we do, of course, advise you to contact us if you have any concerns at all following the procedure. Most people experience no lingering problems, but, if you feel unhappy with something, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can investigate and treat any problems that you might have.

You can contact Blue Sky Dental, by calling us on 01245 211070.

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