The Importance Of Replacing Missing Teeth

The Importance Of Replacing Missing Teeth

How Dental Implants Can Help

There are many reasons why a person can lose a tooth. Dental decay or disease can cause tooth loss, but even with optimum oral health, injuries can occur that cause teeth to be lost permanently.

When you lose a tooth, it is important that the tooth is replaced. It might seem to be the cheapest and easiest option to just keep that tooth missing, especially if it sits towards the back of the mouth and can’t be seen.

However, lots of problems can occur when a missing tooth gap is left alone which Dr Hiten Pabari consultant prosthodontist, lists below:

  • The gum can be prone to dryness and infections
  • Other teeth around it can shift and the whole arch can be affected
  • The jaw bone will eventually degrade so future implants may be more difficult
  • Speech may be affected
  • Eating may be affected
  • Facial aesthetics might be affected
  • The bite of the jaw could be affected, causing various issues like headaches and excessive tooth wear in places

What Are The Solutions?

There are lots of solutions to replacing missing teeth, with some of the most common options being dentures and bridges. Dentures especially, have come on a long way from basic traditional dentures from years ago. These days they are very realistic, more comfortable and still very affordable. However, none of the more common options can currently compare to the most innovative and modern tooth replacement option currently available; dental implants.

Dental implants have been around for a long time, but the most modern implants have proven to be truly revolutionary in dentistry.

Modern implants are made of titanium and are made to be accepted by the body when they are placed in the jawbone and gum. The device essentially replaces the tooth root, providing an exceptionally strong base for a replacement tooth. It is designed to last a long time, and in many cases, it can last a lifetime. Of all tooth replacement options, dental implants are made to look and feel the most realistic.

Are Dental Implants The Right Choice For You?

Dental implants are not the right choice for everyone. Here at your local Chelmsford dentist we offer a thorough implant consultation before any treatment goes ahead. We need diagnostics like X-rays and sometimes scans to check if the jawbone is suitable for an implant. If it is not, we can check your suitability for augmentation (bone grafting). We also need to discuss your lifestyle, as habits like smoking can have a huge impact on whether or not an implant will be successful. Any unresolved dental issues will also need to be resolved before any implant work can go ahead.

If you are suitable for treatment we can then discuss a treatment plan and costs with you. Although most modern dentistry is more affordable than ever, implants are more costly than other options because of the complexity of the treatment. However, over the longer term, implants can actually prove to be very cost-effective, particularly when considering how excellent they are and the low level of maintenance needed. It is also important to note that implant treatment happens over a number of months because of the way the devices need to bond with the bone.

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