Extreme Dental Implants

A look at some of the more unusual dental implant uses.

Having placed many dental implants for our patients from Chelmsford, Essex; we hold the firm belief that this is the best method currently available to replace lost teeth.

Feedback from our patients that have had them also backs this up, with many saying how much their life has improved after having them placed. Eating and smiling becomes easier once more and people, generally, can simply get on with living their lives.

So whilst implants are becoming more and more popular, even routine, we have also come across some rather strange and amusing uses for them to which we share with you below.

Vampire dental implants

Whilst there has been an increase in vampire related films, and programmes such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer helped to popularise the genre; for most of us, any vampire activity is related solely to Halloween, perhaps at a fancy dress party. At the most, fake vampire teeth will be worn which just slip into the mouth and are taken out afterwards, or perhaps even during the party as eating and drinking could be quite tricky.

Apparently though, there are people who take the vampire genre far more seriously and have gone as far as having their natural teeth replaced with vampire fang implants! Whilst the implant procedure itself is identical to the standard dental implant procedures that we perform at Blue Sky Dental, the crowns that are attached are made to resemble vampire teeth.

To date, we have not had anyone request this and we would have to consider whether we would want to as well. Although the procedure itself would be fine, having longer and sharp teeth could well produce problems such as broken or misaligned teeth, to say nothing of potentially severe damage to the lips and gums.

In summary, we would recommend that patients do not even consider this option albeit it clearly works for some!

Beer bottle opening implants

If you think that vampire dental implants are strange, consider the offer to Argentinian rugby players by beer company, Salta. As a promotional tool, they offered any player who lost a molar during a game, not only a replacement tooth in the form of a dental implant, but one that is shaped and designed to function as a beer bottle opener (1)

In all honesty, we couldn’t quite believe this story when we read it (and it wasn’t April 1st .. we checked!) As well as having doubts about the new implant itself, there is the potential risk of damage to the bone in the jaw caused by the bottle opening action. Any slippage too could result in the lips and face suffering severe cuts and lacerations. Fairly obviously, beer bottles are not meant to be opened by teeth, natural or otherwise. This is what beer bottle openers were designed for! So another novelty application but not one we’d recommend!

For non vampire or beer bottle opening dental implants, we are, of course, very happy to help. To discuss your tooth replacement needs with us, please call Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford, Essex on 01245 211070.

1.    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3063868/Salta-Beer-reward-rugby-players-bottle-opening-TOOTH-implants-brilliant-commercial.html

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