Stability for Dentures

Problems with your dentures?

Do your dentures constantly move? Do they make you self conscious when socialising? Are you finding it difficult to eat? Then Blue Sky Dental can help you!

Full Dentures

People have full dentures to replace the missing teeth in their mouth. Without them they would find it difficult to eat, speak and their face would appear sunken as there is nothing to support the face.  Without the roots of your teeth to hold on to, the jaw bone starts to resorb.  The lower denture relies on the bony ridge along the lower jaw for it to sit in place.  The upper denture relies on the suction to the palate.  The longer the teeth are missing for, the more your bone resorbs.  This means that the dentures will not fit correctly and will start to move.  Even new dentures will not help as the support for them is no longer there.


Full dentures can now be supported by dental implants.  Not only will this give your dentures more stability and make them secure, but they will also stop the bone from resorbing further.

Dental implants are small titanium rods that are inserted into the bone.  For the upper jaw we recommend 4 implants and for the lower jaw 2 implants are usually enough to support the lower denture, although more can be placed if necessary.  The implants are left to heal for 12 weeks.  This allows the bone to integrate around them making them solid and stable within the jaw.  After this time the preparation for your dentures is then started.

Unfortunately your existing dentures cannot be used with implants.  A new set needs to be made as special clips, rather like press studs, are set within the acrylic.

You can expect treatment to be carried out over about 5- 6 months.  To ensure that the treatment lasts you a very long time, you must look after the implants and brush them like you would your own teeth.  Plaque can still build up around the implants which if not removed can cause problems.

Not everyone is suitable for this treatment.  The treatment depends on the amount of bone available and an examination and a CT Scan will tell us this.  For a more fixed option, you may want to consider an implant retained bridge.  Unlike dentures which are removable, a bridge is cemented in place.

To discuss denture stabilisation why not give us a call.  Our Treatment Co-ordinator can discuss the treatment in more detail and inform you of fees involved and payment options and plans.

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