Stabilising Insecure Dentures in Essex

Stabilising Insecure Dentures in Essex

Why some patients are turning to dental implants to keep their dentures secure.

From our previous posts, most readers of the Blue Sky Dental blog will be aware that we consider dental implants to be the ‘gold’ standard in teeth replacement. Some of our older patients though, who have lost a full arch of teeth, have said that they have grown accustomed to their dentures and would not wish to replace these with dental implants.

Other dental patients from Chelmsford though, also admit to being frustrated when their dentures work loose in the mouth, often at awkward or inconvenient times.


This reluctance to change is understandable and many of us prefer to stick to what we know rather than take too many chances. The good news though, is that a combination of both of these teeth replacement methods can provide a perfect solution for those who wish to retain their current dentures without the inconvenience and discomfort that they can cause.

By placing just a few dental implants into the jawbone arch where the dentures are fitted, the dentures can then be “clipped” to them. The dentures are not fixed to the implants in a permanent manner, but one that is both secure and yet allows them to be easily removed for cleaning.


The main benefit of implant retained dentures is that it allows the denture wearer the freedom to eat freely without being concerned that their dentures will become loose. Conversation too, becomes easier and more relaxed as the wearer need no longer worry about the dentures coming loose, affecting speech.

Will implants work for older patients?

Absolutely. There is no reason why an older person should not benefit from this procedure. Occasionally it may be necessary for a bone graft to be performed prior to the implant procedure, however, this applies only in a minority of cases. X-rays and scans will always be carried out before any procedure is started, to determine if there is sufficient bone available into which the implant can be placed.

Should there prove not to be, we will discuss the bone grafting procedure with you and the decision to go ahead or not will be entirely yours to make. We are also happy, of course, to discuss alternative procedures such as ‘All on Four’, which uses implants to permanently attach a fixed bridge, and which is an increasingly popular option for many who need a full arch replacement.

Whatever method you choose, we are here to offer advice and help you decide on the most appropriate form of teeth replacement to suit you.

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