Anxiety and Dental Implants

Anxiety and Dental Implants

Explaining the dental implant procedure to nervous patients in Chelmsford.

Most patients who attend our Chelmsford dental practice will, by now, have heard about the use of dental implants to replace lost teeth.

Although many accept that they are now the best option for the problem, a number of people still find the idea of having implants placed to be a frightening prospect.

This is unfortunate, and whilst modern dentures are much improved, both in appearance and comfort, they lack the strength and stability that implants can offer.

The ‘pain’ factor

Largely due to the fact that the placement of dental implants involves making small holes in the jawbone, many patients incorrectly assume that this will cause a lot of pain. There are three points to note about this aspect of the procedure.

  1. Dental implant placement is, of course, performed using a powerful local anaesthetic which prevents pain signals from being sent from the nerves to the brain. A little discomfort may be felt but should be no more than other invasive procedures.
  2. The idea of drilling into the bone can conjure up a crude process. The truth is entirely different though. The placement is made following scans and x-rays to determine exact placement and the systems used are the latest in technology. The procedure, of course, is carried out by a highly trained and experienced implant dentist from our Essex practice.
  3. It is a lesser known fact that the bone contains relatively fewer nerves, reducing the sensation that would otherwise be experienced.


At Blue Sky Dental, your local Chelmsford implant practice, we are always happy to discuss the treatment process with patients who are concerned about the procedure. We do understand why some patients may feel that they can’t go through with having implants placed, but also feel that they are missing out on having this excellent solution because of dental fear. Depending on the number of implants being placed, whether individually, or as part of the same day implant procedure, the appointment can take a few hours. We will make you as comfortable as we can during this time and explain the process to you as we proceed.

Understandably some patients may find the treatment phase to be a little stressful, but once the implants have successfully integrated with the bone, and the crown has been added, we feel that you will agree that it was time well spent.


Dental implants, with a little care, should be expected to last for twenty years or more and some cases have been reported where they have even survived for thirty five years. For just a short period of treatment time, implant patients can have strong and long lasting replacements for missing teeth that both look and feel natural for many years to come. For more information about implants and the treatment procedure at Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford, Essex please call us on 01245 211070.

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