Ask The Dentist – Sore Gums and Dentures

Ask The Dentist – Sore Gums and Dentures

A patient asks why his dentures are becoming uncomfortable.

Today’s question discusses a common issue that some patients have with their dentures.

Q.  Several years ago, I had dentures fitted after losing many of my teeth through years of neglect and avoiding dental visits.

It seemed the most obvious and well known solution at the time, and, after the initial period of getting used to them, I didn’t have any major problems for a good while. In the last month or two though, I’ve noticed that my gums seem to be sore quite a bit of the time and I suspect that it might be the dentures that are causing this. Do you have any advice please?

Thank you for your question. As we always tell patients, the only way to be sure about the cause of a problem is to have a full examination at our Chelmsford dentists. That way, we can identify and diagnose any problems before putting a treatment plan into place. From your description though, it appears that there may be two possible causes; some form of underlying gum issue, or, as you say, friction from the dentures. As a matter of course, we would check for signs of gum problems during the examination and, if found, we will offer treatment for it.

If your gums are healthy however, then the soreness most likely comes from friction between the dentures and the gums. You might wonder, if this is the case, why this problem has only recently started. This may be due to bone loss in the jaw which occurs over time once teeth have been lost. This gradually changes the shape of your face and consequently, your dentures will no longer fit as well as they once did. We may be able to adjust your dentures to provide a better fit and help overcome the problem.

However, there are two alternative solutions that we can offer you at Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford should this prove to be the reason for your sore gums; both involving the use of dental implants. We can either use dental implants to stabilise your current dentures, or use an ‘all on 4’ procedure to attach a fixed bridge of replacement teeth using dental implants to hold it in place. This procedure is also sometimes referred to as ‘same day implants’ as, unlike individual implants, the treatment can sometime be performed, from start to finish, in a single visit.

Usually four, although sometimes more, dental implants are placed into the jawbone. The two at the front of the mouth are fairly standard implants, but the rear two are more specialised and placed at precisely calculated angles which offers extra strength and stability and allows us to fit the bridge the same day.

Once fitted, you will be able to leave our practice and resume eating as normal quite soon afterwards. I would suggest that you exercise a little caution for a while though, eating softer foods, partially as there may be some residual soreness from the procedure, but also that your new teeth may feel a little strange until you have become used to them.

If your dentures are causing problems and you are interested in having dental implants at our Chelmsford clinic, or would simply like more information about the procedures we offer, please do not hesitate to call Blue Sky Dental on 01245 211070.

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