Dental Implant Fixed Bridges Or Dentures?

Dental Implant Fixed Bridges Or Dentures?

Why some of our Chelmsford patients opt for an implant retained bridge, rather than dentures.

When a patient comes to us with several adjoining teeth missing, there are a number of ways in which we can replace these. Dentures are an obvious example, but others, including a bridge or dental implants offer alternative choices.

Whilst a bridge does offer a reasonably strong and secure option, it also require the teeth either side of the gap to be prepared; something which some patients are reluctant to do. If the missing teeth are all at the rear, or if a full arch of teeth are missing, then this treatment is not possible, due to a lack of teeth to attach the crown to.

This leaves the option of dentures or an implant retained bridge. Whilst patients always have the right to choose, here at Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford, we are keen to discuss the advantages of an implant retained bridge for those who are suitable.

Natural feeling

In an ideal world, any replacement teeth would feel as natural as possible. Whilst dentures have improved greatly over the years, some patients still find that they become unstable after a while, moving around in the mouth when they eat, or when speaking to others. Implant retained bridges, often known as ‘all on 4 implants’ where all teeth have been lost, offer an excellent level of stability and will not move around at all.


Even though the teeth are artificial, both dentures and bridges need to be kept clean. Tooth decay is not possible, but gum diseases such as periodontitis are very damaging and also very likely if you don’t clean your replacement teeth. To keep dentures clean, they need to be removed and cleaned thoroughly. This can be fiddly and it isn’t unusual for them to break if dropped whilst cleaning them. A bridge on the other hand is cleaned whilst still in the mouth. The only care required for them is the same as your regular teeth; good quality brushing and flossing, and, of course ongoing care at our local dental clinic.

Bone retention

A surprising number of patients are not aware that when a tooth is lost, the bone in that area of the jaw is reabsorbed by the body. This thinning of the bone can have a detrimental effect on your appearance, especially where a number of teeth have been lost. Sunken cheeks are a distinct possibility, leaving you looking older than you really are.

Whilst dentures offer no protection against this, where titanium implants are placed into the bone, in effect replacing the natural root of a tooth, the bone re-absorption process is significantly slowed down. So yet another very useful benefit.

If you would like to discover more about the dental implant procedure and how it can help you, please call Blue Sky Dental for an initial consultation on 01245 211070.

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