Your Suitability For Dental Implant Placement In Chelmsford

Your Suitability For Dental Implant Placement In Chelmsford

Initial checks for our Essex dental implant patients.

It is now fairly well established that dental implants probably offer the most secure and long lasting option for replacing missing teeth. It is also possible that, in the years ahead, implants will become the norm as the use of dentures fades away.

Can anyone have dental implants placed though? In general, the answer is yes, but in today’s Blue Sky Dental blog, we look at some of the factors which may make the procedure and their longevity more complex in some patients than in others.

Bone density

One factor that can delay the placement of a dental implant is when x-rays show a deterioration in bone density in the area where the implant is due to be placed. This can happen for a number of reasons including loss of bone following tooth loss, advanced gum disease and social habits such as smoking or alcohol consumption. Providing that the patient is able to maintain a healthy mouth following the implant procedure though, this problem can usually be overcome through bone augmentation (bone graft) or a sinus lift. This will delay the start of the implant procedure but should not prevent it.


Whilst diabetics can have dental implants placed, it is important for patients with this, and some other illnesses, to be aware of the additional risks associated with their condition. Diabetics are known to be more prone to gum disease, a problem which could cause peri-implantitis and potentially the loss of the dental implant. Providing that the patient ensures that they clean and floss well around the area, and perhaps have additional professional monitoring at our Chelmsford dental practice, this should not prevent implant placement in most cases.


If you are a teeth grinder, dental implants may not be for you at this point in time. Grinding of the teeth will put undue stress on a newly placed implant and may cause permanent damage. Implant placement is probably best left until the problem has receded. Please ask us for advice if you suffer from bruxism.

Persistent smokers

If you have no intention of stopping smoking following your procedure, and especially if you are a heavy smoker, there is a real risk of dental implant failure. Our advice to you would be to consider seeking help to stop smoking before you have your implants placed.


Some sports can cause damage to the teeth. Obvious ones include boxing and rugby, but even footballers and cricketers can receive a blow to the face. If this happens to your implant, it may become damaged, as may the bone holding it in place. The use of a protective mouth guard will help when playing sports, but you may wish to consider a removable option, such as dentures, until such a time that you retire from playing and then have your implants placed.

We are always happy to discuss any questions that our Chelmsford patients may have about implants or other procedures. To arrange your initial consultation with us, please call Blue Sky Dental of Chelmsford, Essex on 01245 211070.

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