The ‘Problem’ With Dentures

The ‘Problem’ With Dentures

Even modern dentures can be problematic – what’s the alternative?

Although there have been many advances in teeth replacement systems, we still see a lot of patients at our Chelmsford practice who wear “standard” dentures.

Whilst most are happy with the appearance of these, some patients still enquire to see if there are alternatives which are even more stable and less maintenance intensive.

Here at Blue Sky Dental, we are pleased to offer alternatives to dentures in the way of dental implants, or, alternatively, we can stabilise your dentures using implants too.

Sore gums

A common complaint of denture wearers is sore gums. In most cases this is likely to be caused by small movements of the plate which rubs against the gums. Over time, this can cause soreness and possibly inflammation of the gums.

The ‘awkward moments’ factor

Most denture wearers will have a tale to tell about when their dentures let them down at an inconvenient moment. Whether sailing through a job interview or meeting someone for the first time and all is going well until …… your dentures work loose, either visibly, or enough to cause your speech to falter. Whilst most modern dentures are much more stable these days, periodically they can let the wearer down when eating or speaking.

Alternatives and improvements to dentures

If a patient of Blue Sky Dental has lost a tooth, or a number of teeth, we generally recommend that they at least consider the possibility of having dental implants to replace them. This offers a very secure alternative that can last for around twenty years, or even longer.

Where a full arch of teeth have been replaced with dentures, these can be replaced, often in a single appointment, using just 4 or 6 dental implants to hold a fixed bridge of replacement teeth firmly in place. This offers our Chelmsford patients an excellent opportunity to have stable replacement teeth.

For those who are generally happy with their dentures but would like them to be more secure and stable, a similar implant procedure can be applied. This involves using 4 or 6 strategically placed dental implants which can then be used to secure your dentures into place, preventing them from moving around. Not only will this give you more confidence, but should also make eating a wider range of foods much easier.

If you currently wear dentures and would like to see what we can do to offer a more stable solution, please call Blue Sky Dental on 01245 211070 to arrange your initial appointment.

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