Can Whiter Teeth Change Your Life?

Can Whiter Teeth Change Your Life?

Looking at the benefits of a teeth whitening procedure.

Whilst most of us would probably like to have whiter teeth than we already have, many of us may not be concerned enough about it to have any treatment that might improve them. We may, perhaps, change our toothpaste to one of the many whitening toothpastes that are on the market, thinking that this will do the trick whilst also keeping our teeth and gums healthy.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with these whitening toothpastes, they are actually fairly ineffective and may only make a very slight difference to the whiteness of your teeth.

Ageing factor

Much of the discolouration of a tooth comes from a darkening of the inner part of the teeth. This is a natural part of the ageing process and will not be reached by a whitening toothpaste. To lighten this part of the tooth requires a tooth whitening procedure to be carried out by one of our Chelmsford cosmetic dentists.

Only by using a procedure such as this, can a patient expect to see a significant improvement in the colour of their teeth.

Benefits of teeth whitening

But is it worth it, you may ask? After all, it is an ‘unnecessary’ dental procedure that doesn’t need doing for any medical reason? This is true, and many people simply would never be concerned enough to have the procedure. Those that do have a teeth whitening procedure at Blue Sky Dental though, are often genuinely surprised and delighted by the outcome.

Firstly, the procedure itself is simple, painless and only takes approximately an hour of your time. Once the procedure is over, you are likely to be surprised at the dramatic improvement in the colour of your teeth.

Whilst these results will fade over a period of time, the effects are long lasting and can be topped up when needed.

Apart from the fact that your teeth will look great though, many of our Chelmsford patients have reported that they have felt more outgoing and upbeat about their life and have also enjoyed socialising more. This confidence can, not only mean that you enjoy your social life, but also open up opportunities that may change your life in a broader way too.

We can’t guarantee that our simple teeth whitening procedure will get you your ideal job or find you your dream partner, but we are sure that you will have a fantastic smile that may well help you to ‘win friends and influence people’.

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